Saturday, May 1, 2010

Switching it Up

So as I mentioned a few weeks back, I thought I'd try something a little different for this training cycle - just try training when I felt ready, and not by a set schedule. I've managed to shake things up quite a bit I think, still getting my big lifts in* but also working muscles in combinations that I haven't in quite some time.

And um, OW. I'm SORE! Like insanely sore. Like - I wake up every time I move in my sleep kind of sore! My lower body has STILL not recovered from Wednesday's leg workout and yesterday's session of chest, shoulders, tris (and abs) has left my upper body, particularly my shoulders, toasted!

I'm a big ole pile of OW right now. I've taken more advil this week than I can ever remember.

* I was going to hit my "3" week for deads today, but there's no way in hell that's happening. Need to get it in tomorrow to keep up with the cycles, but if I am THIS sore still tomorrow there is no way that's happening *either*. If that happens, I may skip it and just go into the 5-3-1 week this week as I am with everything else. I'm not sure if I'm not fully recovering or what...I have one week left in this cycle then a deload, which I know I'm in need of.

I've been absolutely *starving* this past week too, and my weight has been going up (3lbs since Tues)! Yesterday I went ahead and had an extra snack, maybe 150-160 calories or so, and this morning I was woken up from hunger and I was down 1.8lbs of those 3lbs. So...I think a nice cheat meal is in order tonight, and then I'll look at increasing my food intake next week. That could be part of not recovering too, of course.

Here's yesterday's Chest/Shoulder/Tris/Abs workout:

5 x 85
3 x 100
1+ x 110 - 5reps
85, 75, 65 x 10

DB Lateral Raises
3 x 8 @ 20
2 x 10 @ 15

Incline Triceps Extension
10 @ 30lb ez curl bar
10 @ 15lb dbs
10 @ 20lb dbs
8 @ 25lb dbs

DB Incline Press
8, 7 @ 35

DB Front Raises
2 x 10 @ 15

DB Triceps Kickbacks
2 x 12 @ 20

1 x 15 Pushups

Hanging Knee Raises
2 x 12

Rope Crunches
3 x 12 @ 130

Tri Set: V-Sit w/Twist + Wtd Sit-ups + Hip Thrusts
2 sets @ 24, 12, 12 @ 10lb plate

Plank 1 @ 60

25min Run

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