Thursday, April 29, 2010

Internet Incompetence! Training Catch-up!

GAHHH the internet woes continue. I have it, but it is sporadic and SLOOOOOWWWWW as balls. If balls can be slow ;)

Anyway - this explains my absence, I hope, to all 3 of you that may be following along! When I can't keep up at least minimally with work when I'm home, then I get behind with that and of course behind with my personal stuff. Then at work I'm so far behind there's no time for personal stuff...a vicious cycle I tell you!

Here's hoping this posts, but I seem to have a steady signal for the moment...

Training has continued...still just going with what feels good to be worked, not a set schedule. Not going to share every workout this week in this one post, no worries.

Just yesterday's Leg day, since today it has me pretty owie. Generally I don't hit quads AND hamstrings too hard at the same time, today tells me that I did just that yesterday, oops ;) Who needs *walking* anyway?!

Here's how it broke out:
Pull-ups: 4, with really bad 5th rep

Set 1: 135 x 10
Set 2: 135 x 10
Set 3: 140 x 10
Set 4: 145 x 8
Set 5: 135 x 9

Rack Pulls (3 sets x 10)
@ 185
@ 225
@ 265

Leg Press
10 x 270
10 x 230
10 x 230
8 x 230

Seated Curls
3 x 10 @ 95

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 15 @ 150

BB Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

BB Close Stance Squats
1 x 15 @ 85

Leg Extensions
3 x 10 @ 95

Had never done rack pulls really before, Myles suggests starting with the bar just a touch lower. Can't set the pins any lower but I will stand on a step platform next time I try 'em. I think squat form is getting more solid...I'm hitting good reps way more frequently than bad reps, so I'm starting to solidify the movement (I hope) in my head...hopefully I'll be able to quiet the chattery checklist I go through on every rep sooner rather than later! Still some things to work on, but the goal of doing more sets, higher reps, lighter weight was to solidify the form and I think I'm getting there :) Yay! Next cycle I think I should be able to go back (and FINISH with!) 5-3-1 with squats.

Today I just went in and did some easy cardio, 30 mins on the TM. Legs are Fa-ri-hide! Tonight - softball! Last game of the "season" (I honestly have no idea what season it is, hahah ;)

Operation Pull-ups: Day 26 - The End is Near!

I haven't posted video of the past few pull-ups days for the same reason I haven't posted ANYTHING for the past few days.

Friday was a huge win and a big step toward reaching my May 2 Pull-ups Goal.

Yesterday, I started to go backwards:

Soooo...going to take a break. Didn't do any today, won't do any tomorrow, and then either Saturday or Sunday I'm going to go in and GO FOR GOAL....six pull-ups baby!

Results posted here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pull-Ups Day 23

A few days off...miracles!

I absolutely got that 4th rep, got a pretty solid (somewhat questionable but still) 5th, and half a 6th! YESSSSSS - getting there!

Back & Shoulders

First - my internet is once again down, discovered it when I got home from work yesterday (with a ton of work still left to do of course) and was unable to resolve the issue with Comcast. So trying to update this quickie, because otherwise it may be a while...

So today at the gym I did Back and Shoulders. Not sure I've ever done just a Back and Shoulders workout, even sounds weird coming out of my mouth, but that's what felt right this morning so that's what got done! I kind of like this "just going with it" feel I've got right now, it's working for me. Definitely feeling less sense of "trapped" with less structure in the workout :)

Here it be, peeps!

Pull-ups: oh hellz yeah - 5.5!

5 x 230
5 x 245
5+ x 260 ... 9*

6 / 4

BB Overhead Press
3 x 8 @ 55


Lat Pulldown
2 x 8 @ 85

Tri-Set: DB Lateral Raise, DB Front Raise, DB Rear Delt Raise
1 set of 8 each @ 20lbs/15/15, then 2 sets of 8 each @ 15lbs/12/12

Back Extensions
15 @ 25, 20, BW

10 Mins Stair Mill
10 Mins Elliptical

* Sumos
On the deads today, honestly I was disappointed because it brought my 1 rep max down a little from last week, and I thought I should have been able to pull more at that weight given last week’s 280 x 7. But then I did the math not only on that last set but on the two sets I did leading in to that last set for both days…now I'm ok with it :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Boot Camp - Yeah!

Was inspired into Boot Camp the past 2 days - 4/21 & 4/22 as off days I did the "Advanced Camp" workout from the eDiets Best Body Boot Camp DVD :)

Woot! Fun! It's been a while and I'd forgotten how fun it is!

We're into Week 2 of the online program and the results have finished coming in from Week 1 and they've just been incredible, so yesterday I just had to join in! My heart and soul is in that program :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Still Learning..Squat!

I'm still learning. I'm still trying to get all the muscles to just instinctively KNOW how to work together, to get the movements all synchronized. Master the movement, and I should instantly see huge carryover.

I think I'm getting there, I'm working it hard, but I still have bad reps, I still have bad SETS. But I think there are more good than bad these days, and I'm *excited* about squats now...and that's just...well, exciting! Hahah, well it is for me, so I'm a nerd - whatever :)

Anyway - I had a leg day today, and I focused on squats. I did lots of em. Going lighter weight, more sets/reps for volume to reinforce the movement. Here's today...

Pull-ups Day 22 (of course :)

140 x 10
135 x 10, 10, 8
125 x 12, 8

I think this was the best set of the day - I had off reps in every set, but I think I fought it best in this set. Also I think Myles will tell me I look "loose," yes? :)

140 x 10

Leg Press
270 x 10, 10, 8

3 x 10 @ 110

Leg Extensions
3 x 10 @ 95

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 12 @ 150

FB Hamstring Roll-ins
2 x 15

25 mins elliptical

Trying Trust...Again

I thought I'd try to share some of the "progress" I made the past few days (long, get comfy :). I talked and confided in some trusted friends that I knew would "get" this (RC, Honu, Susan) and I spent a lot of time juggling through the crazies in my head and all this stuff - sort of accepting it - a little permission to feel completely irrational for a little while goes a long way :)

On Sunday I saw 137.6 again so had officially made that first goal I had set for myself of 138.0 by that day (not that I hadn't already, but I felt like I LOST it with the random bounce..and I did lose it - my mind not the goal)! I had originally said I would then see how things were going on Sunday and decide to actively go after 135 (or not) then.

I decided on Sunday for some sanity I needed to let go of the NEED to see that and just let things go naturally. I'm not changing anything I have been doing (other than the "no plan" workout plan ;) - just going to go with it for a while again and see where things shake out without obsessing over meeting the next goal. That felt better too. Just freedom from the constant pressure of setting/meeting goals...

Tara sent me an email the other day that made me think - she said something about us being somewhat addicted to setting/meeting goals...I'm not sure that's the right word for it but I think there's something to it. There's definitely a pressure that comes with it - sure goal setting has a role, but if I want to just LIVE, I can't always/constantly be trying to live up to a new/higher standard or goal - right? I think that is/was part of that "trapped" feeling I've been sensing.

Yesterday I think the hormones started to settle down a little bit too, maybe my body is starting to adapt a bit to the change...I think there's still some unsettled emotion there, I'm still out of whack a little (way less capacity to deal with stuff still), but the spotting is slowing down and I feel waaaaaaaay less psycho and out of control.

Yesterday felt good to go into the gym and just do what felt good, not cater to a set plan on a page to complete...I ate to a plan but the handful of baby carrots and tiny bit of PB I had when I got home from work because I was starving was not a source of freakoutedness :)

This morning I was down again to 136.4, and I went in to the gym and did legs - squats, which have normally fallen on Tuesdays but it felt ok, especially without having a full on workout written on a page to feel compelled to complete simply because it was THERE...I just made it up as I went along, and when I felt like I had gotten a good thorough strong workout, I stopped. How simple - wow :)

When I watched the videos of the pullups and squats back on the camera, I could see some things I liked on the screen, i didn't immediately feel sad or ashamed about my body....Once or twice I even thought my legs looked pretty good :)

I honestly do NOT know if it's in my head or if it's real but there is such a huge difference in just 2 or 3 pounds. Guess ultimately it really doesn't matter if it's real or imagined because it's how I see it.

Anyway - moving on....I'm going to try to hold on to this feeling of calm and growing sense of at least a little bit of freedom..gonna try to just be :) Also going to try to keep it together on an even keel as far as the emotions go...gah.

As for goals - I have goals for powerlifting, and a general goal for healthy weight maintenance dammnit :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 21: Operation Pull-Ups

Can we get a verdict here?! I *think* I got my 4th?!

Yeah?! This was AFTER bench today today too, so not totally fresh :) I'm pleased with progress!

13 days for 2 more reps...awww yeaaahhh. I can do this!

The No Plan Plan - Success

Got up this morning feeling pretty good, definitely more well rested than I felt either Saturday or Sunday (even though it was stupid early!). Got up and got the gym clothes on, felt right so I went with it. Got to the gym and decided to Bench today. I had no plan written in my log already, so I "winged" it.

Mid-workout, I ran into that same friend from Friday (I apologized again for being so psycho!) and shared my no-plan plan with him and he said, "your body will tell you what to do." Yeah. Yeah it will :) I just have to LISTEN!

But today felt like a success in that department. I felt a little more sane today, and I saw things a little differently in the mirror too. That feels like a success of some sort :)

Here's the workout - chest/triceps/abs

85 x 5
95 x 5
100 x 5+ ... 10

Pull-ups 4?! plus a half :)

BB Floor Press
3 x 8 @ 90

Close Grip Press
8 @ 75
10 @ 70
12 @ 75

DB Incline Flys
2 x 8 @ 25

Cable Triceps Pressdown
3 x 8 @ 80

Pushups SS w/ DB Tri Kickbacks
3 sets of 12 each, Kickbacks @ 20lbs

Cable Rope Crunch
3 x 12 @ 130

Incline Leg Lifts
2 x 12

Wtd Situps
2 x 12 @ 25

Wtd FB Crunches
2 x 12 @ 25

V-sit with Twist
2 x 24 @ 10

25 mins Cardio (TM - light jog)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Plan is No Plan

I had a workout scheduled for this morning, I was up for it, I got the work I needed to get done early this morning so I could go without that on my mind...I got up, got my workout clothes on, looked in the mirror and saw TIRED looking back at me. Once I saw that, I was able to allow myself to slow down just long enough to FEEL the tired. I'm still totally wiped out - not sure if it's the culmination of all this lack of sleep, the heavy week of training I did last week, or even just Friday's workout which really left me about as effective as a puddle on the ground ;)

So yesterday was a full rest day, and today is now too. I put my sweats on, put my hair up in a ponytail and here I am. I'm trying to get out of that headspace I have been in all week, it's not a good place for me and makes no logical sense. I think hormones are also playing a large role in this whole past week of feeling like I have - last Sunday I switched to a new BCP in an attempt to alleviate the monthly migraines. I think the issue has been there, but the hormone change is just amplifying things. RC suggested just going with the emotion - not fighting it trying to stop it or finding sense in it...feel what I need to feel and let it out. Honestly that's helped a lot, because when I started analzying it all I felt completely irrational, which sort of fed it and made me feel worse. So irrational emotions or not ... moving forward. Today has been better :)

Also - starting with today's impromptu rest day, this week, there is no plan. RC suggested I might try just training what feels right when I wake up and get to the gym instead of a structured/strict schedule. I've got a few weeks where I can play with this a little - I'll go back to the structured workout before the meet, but I've got about 8 weeks ahead of me, so 3 or so of this won't hurt. I'm terrified of it, it requires really *listening* but I need to give it a shot because I've been feeling weirdly trapped in routine, something that I normally thrive on. It's hard to explain, but I'm hoping this helps me a lot - it's another start at the TRUST thing that I so need to learn with myself. At the very least, it'll freshen things up a little :)

To do this, I've gotta have everything with me every time I go to the gym, so I switched up to a bigger gym bag so I could carry everything. When I train legs I'll squat and deadlift (not on the same day) and when I hit Chest I'll bench. For bench and deadlift, I have all my training percentages written in my log so I can easily do either when the feeling is right.

Next 4 weeks with squat I'm going away from 5-3-1 again, I just want to be sure I'm hitting every rep every the next 3-4 weeks or so will be playing with 135-155lb range, increasing set/rep schemes and going for volume rather than heavy load/low volume. I just need that practice to get it ingrained, I think. I'll still have a full cycle of 5-3-1 left to go through before the meet.. start,

Sunday: REST

Friday, April 16, 2010

Time to Grow Somewhere

I'm not even sure where to start here today - big jumble all up in this head of mine. I guess I'll just start at the beginning and work my way through my day so far...

After yesterday's cardio escapades (and softball game last night) I was "down" to 138.2 Which really shouldn't even count - not "down" or "up" it's like a ridiculous move on the scale, honestly I could take a piss and lose .2 lbs, yet I felt a sense of relief this morning...

Got into the gym with a slight sense of trepidation, afterall, today was a big day - heaviest weight ever used in training for reps before! I didn't know what to expect with that - always a little freaky handling a new weight.

Despite that, I ended up setting a *riiiiidiculous* PR today for deads. Was it the Jack3d?! Total venting of anger and frustrations from this week (there were A LOT)? I have NO idea where it came from but...ridiculousness came in the form of 280 x 7.

The closest I've ever hit to that was 275 x 4.

I am a puddle now though. Truly a puddle. Made it through the rest of that workout and now I got nuttin' honey :)

The rest of the workout looked like this:
5 x 220
3 x 250
1+ x 280 ... 7

Front Squats
10 x 95
12 x 75

Good Mornings
2 x 15 @ bar

3 x 8 @ 125

12 x 135
10 x 155
8 x 175

Conventional Deads
2 x 8 @ 185

BB Alt Leg Lunges
10/leg @ 85

Leg Press
(1-leg): 8/leg @ 90
(2-leg): 8, 8 @ 270, 10 @ 230

Machine Hip Adduction
3 x 12 @ 165

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 12 @ 150

Leg Extensions
3 x 10 @ 90

Between my 2nd and 3rd calf raises sets, a friend of mine came up to me out of the blue and told me he thought just in this past week I was leaning out tremendously, looking good. Exactly the opposite of how I was feeling, exactly this THING that I have been battling for so long now, and especially this week. I totally burst into tears on him. I Sucktastic, I was mortified. The good thing is that I think he "gets it," but on the other hand..just wow. I've really gotta get it together here. He told me he saw this week that I was lacking in spirit. I told him that's because I was hating so bad on myself. He was wonderful, understanding but also sensible and reassuring.

So here I am, back where I started, somewhere in this weird space between LIVING and DIETING, between trusting myself and planning my life to a piece of paper. Exactly where I said I did not want to be anymore. I have to learn to let go - I need to learn it in diet, I need to learn it in my workouts, I need to learn to listen and trust ME! Why is that so hard? And apparently so much to ask? I'm completely terrified of it...but I think I just have to do it, I have to start trusting and leave this "comfort zone" (hah, really, is there comfort here?) of planning everything down to the micro level. I thought I was there, maybe I was and I slipped a little - like the first few tries at losing weight, or riding a bike...looking at it like that feels a little better I guess.

The big picture here is living life. Happy life, not chained to a piece of paper and beating myself up over .2lbs. Just typing that scares me, but also makes me really angry that I'm STILL in that space!

Need to move on, it's time to grow somewhere.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Operation Pullups Days 19 & 20

So I seem to be stuck on getting a solid/complete 4th rep, so I decided to go ahead and try to pull through whatever I can of a 5th rep in the hopes that somehow helps, hahah.

So here's where we stand as of Day 19 - 3 solid reps, almost a complete 4th rep, and half of a 5th.

Today was Day 20, and it looks exactly the same as that, so I'll spare you :)

Goal stands - May 2, 6 solid reps!

Back Online!

Had a temporary hiatus from the use of the internet at home and just wasn't able to get this stuff posted. Here's how the week has gone so far:

Sunday: UB/Abs + 40 cardio
Monday: 30 cardio
Tuesday: Legs(squat) + 20cardio (Squat PR: 155 x 12)
Wednesday: Chest/back (bench) + 20 cardio (Tied bench PR: 105 x 8)
Thursday: abs + 35 cardio

But here's the Venty/Crazy stuff: I'm ridiculously frustrated with myself looking at my behavior and my internal thinking this week. There's a lot of cardio in there, way more than usual, and this is my heaviest week this training cycle. That makes no sense, clear as day on paper.

In my head of course it's a different story - not so clear. My head is freaking over the weight, and obviously - I'm acting on it. And I've wondered why I'm so tired. Not sleeping since before I left for NYC/VA isn't helping, but I'm beating myself up this week with reduced cals, heavy lifting and all that cardio.

I always do this, I *react* (and badly) to my weight fluctuations by doing stuff like this. I set a goal of going from 141.2 (post NYC/VA wt) to 138 by this Sunday 4/18, and then another 2 weeks to get back to 135 - totally sensible and achievable and I was ahead of it! I was 138.0 on Tuesday and 137.6 yesterday and then today, for no good reason i can see - 138.4 So instead of resting like I planned, I reacted and I got on the elliptical (and cried, because I was tired, and I knew I was doing something stupid that would likely have no relevance on my weight tomorrow and even if it did - so what, I'm ahead of schedule for crying out loud). Because obviously 30 minutes of cardio is going to change my life? WTF?! I'm pretty p-o'd at myself for that - between the disconnect or the refusal to listen or whatever it is - that my brain KNOWS better and yet I still instead react to stuff that doesn't matter. I promised myself I would trust myself, that I would not DO that anymore. I need to grow and get over this kind of thing.

I'm overtired. The good thing is that in taking some time off for the internet guy to come today, I got some rest. I relaxed by the pool AND I had a short little nap (which I needed - softball tonight on top of everything else). I do feel a little better, and a little more sane so I know it helped. Tomorrow is leg day again (deads) and NO cardio, and Saturday needs to be totally OFF. That's the plan. I'm allowed rest!

Another friend of mine recommended accupuncture to me again - for the sleep issues. It's been recommended many times by various people, but I gave in today and I called the place. Unfortunately they were closed, I left a msg but they haven't called back. I promised I would give it a try though, so I will follow up with them tomorrow. It certainly can't hurt, right?

Here's some vid highlights from the week:

Squat (Tuesday 4/13, 155 x 12)

Bench (Wednesday 4/14, 105 x 8)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running, RAW, Reservations, and RC :)

I slept like a log last night. Mmmm...sleep. I need a little more of that a little more often. I took Scivation KnockOut and it worked incredibly well. I fell asleep and stayed asleep from about 10:30 until almost 7am! Unheard of :)

Went for a short, easy run today...probably juuuuust around 3 miles ( says it was 2.99), a little ways down past the bank, then a brief stop there to get cash for the handyman, then home. Including the stop at the ATM it took 30 minutes on the nose, not bad for a non-runner ;)

I had the handyman here for most of the day, fixing various things that have just been piling up for sometime. Well actually I had him here on Monday for that, he had to come back today to REALLY fix one of the things he tried to do on went from a 15 minute job to a 4 hour job, complete with a hole in the stairwell wall. Gah!

Anyway while he was here I made my reservations for the Mike Witmer Memorial Open Powerlifting Meet. It was formerly the RAW United Florida State Championships meet, but they renamed it (not sure why). It is June 19-20 in Tampa, FL at the same venue that the Raw Unity Meet was held in January. I mailed my entry form and fee off on Thursday, and today my Southwest Airlines DING! popped up with a *sweet* deal for airfare between West Palm and Tampa...$52 each way - can't drive for that! I also did priceline for a car...going rates without priceline were over $60/day plus taxes/fees/gas, ugh wtf?! With Priceline I got it for $27/day plus taxes/fees/gas. So I am ready to go for that!

I sat and planned my training cycles out for between now and the meet, looks good, I feel good about the timeframe and the schedule.

Raphael has agreed to be my (remote) coach for the day - REALLY excited about that :) I think it'll be a huge help for me just to have someone available to say a few words between lifts, give me some queue reminders, consult for attempt selection if need be, etc. We can do this because this meet will also be streamed live over the internet. So he can watch and then we can consult via phone if need be. It won't be the same as having someone THERE, but I think just knowing I have that someone looking out for me is going to be a great help :)

Tomorrow is a UB/Abs + cardio day. We'll see how I'm feeling by the time cardio rolls around. I am feeling pretty good about my weight, I'm on track with the fat loss goals I set last week when I came home from NYC/VA...I was 141.2 last sunday and today showed me 139.6 for a 1.6lb loss in just under a full week. I gave myself 2 weeks (until sunday 4/18) to lose those 3lbs and get back to where I started before I went on that trip (138.2 the day I left), and decided that I'd see how I was feeling (as far as energy, strength, training) to see if I would continue to try to get those additional 3 I spontaneously added back off and get down to a nice comfy 135 after that. One step at a time though..we're still in phase I. So far I'm feeling pretty good..little tired right now but for the most part I'm definitely strong and feeling ok :)

I'm also pretty pleased with not super over-reacting to the scale. It's fluctuated up and down this week, but I stayed CALM and just stayed the course and it's paying off. It feels sooo much better under 140, even though it's just by a hair. Since today was cardio only I might pop just a tiny bit tomorrow...but I know again...stay calm, stay the course. WHEN I succeed at this, I'm going to feel pretty proud of me, I think :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 17: Operation Pull-ups

Alllllmost 4! The day that I get a solid 4th is going to be a great's soon. I'm feelin' like it's happening this coming Monday ;)

Let's just for fun compare's Day 3:

2 weeks progress = almost 2 pullups more :)

So I'm thinking in 2 more weeks maybe I've got those 6 in me! Yeah!

Deeeeelicious Deads!

I think catching up on some sleep and that little bit of extra rest did me some goooood! I felt *fantastic* this morning for my workout! AND, miracle of miracles, I was only up .2 from yesterdays inactivity.

Here it is:
Started with Operation Pullups (Day 17): alllllmost 4!

3 x 235
3 x 250
3+ x 265 ... got 9!

Vid - 265 x 9

Form gets oogtastic at the end, as usual, but former PR was 7 and these felt good! I think I had another in me. Plates were loose on the left side and made the bar feel very uneven so I went ahead and stopped :)

Front Squats
12 x 85
15 x 65

Good Mornings
2 x 15 @ bar

3 x 12 @ 115

Set 3

Nice jiggly ass close-up for your viewing pleasure ;)

12 x 135, 10 @ 155, 6 (grip! forgot straps) x 175

Conventional Deads
10 x 185, 10 x 165

Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

BB Alt Leg Lunges
1 x 8/leg @ 85

Standing Calf Raises
150 x 12, 12, 12, 9

Inverted Leg Press
1 x 8/leg @ 90 (1-legged)
3 x 8 @ 270

Leg Extensions
3 x 8 @ 90

Glute Raises (1-legged)
2 x 15/leg

Some Abs to make up for the other day...
Rope Crunches
15 @ 120, 130
12 @ 140

Decline Situps
2 x 12

Weighted Situps
2 x 12 @ 25

Contemplated cardio...but bagged the idea by this time...great workout. Feeling strong.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Workout - Not to Be

My inner sane voice won today. Go me :)

Given yesterday's exhaustion, not sleeping (save one night) since before I left for NYC, and actually having slept LAST night...When this morning's alarm went off, my sane voice told me that the extra two hours of sleep would do me far better than any 30 mins of cardio and an abs workout would do.

The fight came when my crazy voice (not so "inner") came out all pissed off with my weight and the silly "gotta do cardio to lose" mentality when really, I know cardio only days really don't buy me much in that department, and a few sets of abs isn't going to change that. I *know* that, it's a fact that I've recorded time after time. And when I got on the scale and saw *only* down 1 full pound from Sunday...the fight got harder.

But really, that's not even a week. I'm on track with the goal I set, which was basically 1.5 this week and 1.5 next week.

So I skipped it. And slept. Mmmmm sleep :)

Go go inner sane voice, go :)

Played softball tonight, and I'm ready for another good sleep. Need it, big deadlift day tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7 - Bench Workout

Today's workout was interesting...I ended up bagging a good chunk of it, I had nothing!

It was supposed to be chest/back/abs and short cardio. I started off STRONG and focused, totally engaged in my workout. PR'd right off on Bench (100 x 11! former was x 9!). About mid-way through chest/back I just crashed. Everything got hard, I was really struggling. I pushed through the rest of that, and decided to bag Abs for tomorrow (originally a cardio only day), and I hit the elliptical for a VERY easy 20 mins. Now that I'm looking at it though, that w/o was waaay too long anyway, and abs will better fit on Thursdays. So depending on how tomorrow feels I think I'll make that more of a regular occurrence. I'm sure lack of sleep played a role in that crash, slightly reduced calories (can't be here, 141 after coming home from NYC/VA - and down next to nothing still today - no no no!).

Here's the vid of the Bench, I will say that I'm 100% convinced that the BB Floor Presses I've been doing for the past several weeks, in combination with this "revised" grip really facilitated this! The Floor Presses get me to practice that sticking spot that has been problematic on every single missed Bench I think from Day 1, and even in this vid you can see on those last two reps where I reeaaally start to slow down on the top half of the press!

100 x 11 :)

This felt like a huge win today...huge! I'm so looking forward to June (and really need to remember to get my $%#!$@ entry form in!)

The rest of the workout:

Pull-Ups Day 16 - 3 (blah! too much after Bench but I didn't want to zap any strength ahead of Bench either...)

BB Rows
65 x 15
75 x 12
85 x 10
95 x 8 (not planned, but felt strong - zoned in! probably did me in ;)

BB Floor Press
90 x 10, 9, 7

Machine High Rows
3 x 10 @ 120
(3rd set - crash!)

DB Incline Flys
3 x 10 @ 25

Cable Standing 1-Arm Rows
10/Arm @ 70, 80, 90

Hammer Incline Press
8, 7 x 90

Back Extensions
15 @ 25
15 @ 10
15 @ BW

3 x 12

20 mins Elliptical

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

More Fun with Squats

Squat day is really turning around, I like it so much *better* when I feel like I have SOME clue as to what I'm doing! Wow, what a difference.

Today was leg day, focus on squat :) HUGE squat PR, really HUGE. I've never broken the 200lb calculated 1RM, I KILLED it today...213! What?! Vid to follow workout...

3 x 130
3 x 140
3+ x 150 ... 12!
(former PR was the week I "learned to squat") I got 10, prior to that it was 9. HUGE yeah!

Deficit Deadlifts
10 x 135, 155, 175

10 x 175

Hack Squats
10 x 140, 150, 160
15 x 90

Leg Press
(one-leg) 8/leg @ 70
10, 10, 8 x 230

Seated Curls
10 x 50, 65, 80

DB Walking Lunges
1 x 22 @ 25

Standing Calf Raises
4 x 12 @ 150

DB Walking Lunges
1 x 22 @ 25

Machine Hip Adduction
3 x 10 @ 160

DB Bench Step-ups
2 x 15 @ 25

Leg Extensions
3 x x @ 90

FB Hamstring Roll-ins
2 x 20

Sunglasses trainer guy complimented my legs today, which took me by surprise. Definitely not something I'm used to hearing, something I know that's taking shape but hadn't thought of anywhere near THERE! Though he also gave me his phone number..hahah ;)

Ok the squats!
Totally lost it with reps 6 and 7, fought hard to get it back on 8. I think I did but it zapped me and the rest were a struggle!

No head looking all over this time (up/down, up/down, wash-rinse-repeat), tried to stay very focused/conscious of that. I don't think they were as nice as that first time it all clicked, but...clear, clear progress! Practice practice practice... :)

So here they are...150 x 12 !

Operation Pull-ups: Day 15

Very happy with today's pull-ups! I'm tempted to call it a full 4, but really it's not quite there...but seriously at least 3.88, right?! And aside from that last .88 rep, the shruggy thing is improving, as is ROM.

Six pull-ups will soon be mine! Oh yes!

Today, Day 15...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Operation Pull-ups: Days 10-14

Like I said, I just didn't have time to keep up with posting here, but I did keep up with my training. Today was Day 14 and I might be able to detect SLIGHT improvement from Day 9. Day 9 I managed 2 solid reps, a third "ehhh" rep, and a really crappy 4th rep :)

Today I managed 3 solid reps and a really crappy 4th rep ;)

I'm going to rest the pull-ups on 2 days/week instead of just one as I have been.

Goal: 6 solid pull-ups by 5/2.

Back Home in FL

I'm home - got home mid-afternoon yesterday. I've been enjoying some quiet "cave-time" to myself since then, it's been wonderful after all that PEOPLE time I had while I was gone. I'm used to a lot more down-time. I didn't have a chance to keep up HERE with my training, but rest assured I kept up with my training. I'll try to update the highlights and then I hope to get back to my regular blogging this week.

After the gym this morning, I did some cleaning up/chores, and then I went to the pool for the first time this season. It was beautiful, and just what I needed. My body loooved feeling the sun - just soaked it up, yummy :) I had a bunch of things to get done for work today too, but it was a quiet, slow paced afternoon with that anyway. I also ordered my CE course for my PT certification. It satisfies the full CE requirement, and I have until August to get it completed. It's on Nutrition, something I definitely need to learn more about.

So I got on the scale today for the first time since I left 12 days ago. Twelve days in NYC/VA and I left at 138.4 and came back at 141.2 this morning. I wasn't happy with hovering at that 138 mark BEFORE I left, so I'm definitely not thrilled here - waaaaay over the line. I don't really know why/how, because I was not out of control and my choices were the same as if I were here,and I kept up with all of my training.

But really I guess I ate out WAY more often, and with all that I did I guess that's not *so* bad. Frustrating, I feel out of control, and the fear is trying to take over. Fear makes it hard to trust :( I DO feel it though, can't deny that - every single gross ounce of it, and I can see it all over, that's not helping. I thought about it all day yesterday during my trip home (I knew I was into the 140s even not having weighed that whole time), and decided that I'm going to track/journal for a while again while I work to bring it back to at least 138.

Goal 2 weeks to 138 (by Sunday, 4/18).
After that I'll see how I'm feeling and maybe go again for 135 with another 2 weeks.

I had a wonderful rest day yesterday (aside from the hassle of travel) and a great workout today. It's so good to be home and in my normal space. I really like this switch to Sundays instead of Saturdays too. Not that I wouldn't prefer to have all of sunday off, but just the gym feels so much better and I feel less rushed and more focused and in my zone without the madness of the saturday morning spin-nazis ;) It's also better timing, better for my recovery, I think.