Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ShopNBC Update

I'm not sure if it changed or I had it wrong all along, hahah..can we say too many balls in the air?

Anyway! My ShopNBC debut begins at NOON (Eastern) on Wednesday 9/29, not 10am :)

The other shows (7pm(E) on 9/29 and 10am(E) on 9/30) remain the same!

You can view the live stream here

Our product/order page is now up too! OMG this is real hahah!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Shop & Drop

Well here we are, back to one post a week! Gah.

This week I've been pretty focused on work trying to prepare for the big event, my big debut on ShopNBC next week! I'm leaving for Minnesota tomorrow early afternoon and I'll be back late on Thursday.

I'm not freaking out anymore, starting to feel comfortable with all this but I do have moments when I feel like the ground falls out from under me - or like your stomach does that flippy thing sometimes if you go over a hill juuuuust right in the car ;)

If you're interested in tuning in, you can do it in two ways:
You can go here to find the local cable channel for ShopNBC -or-
If you don't get it, or you're at work or something, you can watch it live online.

I'm on Wednesday 9/29 at NOON and 7pm, and Thursday 9/30 at 10am (Eastern).


In Training news, last week Wednesday was my Evaluation day, and I think it went rather well!

Squat - 181 x 3
(I definitely had a 4th, and I think a 5th in me)

I stopped because I was only supposed to do 1, I knew I was pushing it but didn't want to COMPLETELY disobey hahah ;)

Bench - 122 x 1
Take that 110! For realz, with solid pause and everything :) I was supposed to stop at 105. Not an ounce left in that one tho!

Deads - 295 x 1
Totally followed my instructions with deads and only did one of the weight I was supposed to do. The guy that crept in behind me was really a little unnerving, he was super close, and after I locked out the lift I almost fell forward with it, which would have fucked up my back in a big way, thankfully I regained control! This went up FAST and easy - yeah!

So given all that, and given I did it in a calorie deficit (have been dieting for ShopNBC appearance, to little improvement - I can't win), Dave changed up my training program a bit, and I start with that on Monday. He cautioned me not to stray from the program or I risk not being at my best for the meet, so I'm going to be better about that from here on out...6 weeks baby!

I did manage to come down with the lower calories once RC and I swapped my carbs BACK to what they were from the 40p/40c Christie had wanted me on. After this training day on Wednesday - I had a tough time recovering. Needed energy to come back up so had a SMALL (and homemade I might add) cheat meal of a ~5oz burger (93/7 ground beef) on a 100cal Sandwich Round and a small serving (relative to a restaurant) of steak fries and gained back 2 of the 3 pounds I'd lost. Feeling gross and bloaty but resigned - can't fix it, it is what it is. I'm functional again, which was the point.

Right now I'm trying to just relax a bit. I have a lot of stuff to continue to review for ShopNBC, but I need to just BE for a few. I have a kitty on my lap, I'm all packed and the house is finally clean (cleaning rampage this weekend) ... maybe some yoga to try to center...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Catching Up

I do hope that I can get back to this more than once a week at some point soon!

Wanted to hop in and catch up, lots going on these days...

Between trying to get Bloom Fitness up and running, training, and my regular day job - I've been burning the candle, as they say...

Training updates: new bench PR, solid paused rep (twice!) at 122lbs! I think that was Wednesday. Friday I had a *terrible* workout, i was exhausted and I had just nothing to give.

I have this TV thing coming up in 10 days - I tried to just trust and go with it and keep things as Christie asked me too, but I was not.losing and I have to for this. It's my job, and not only that but for ME to feel confident up there, I need to be comfortable in my skin. So I felt like I had no choice...consulted with RC on Tuesday and we changed things up a bit. I had been hitting 1500-1550/day with a ratio of about 40/40/20 but it had my carbs up way high..higher than I was comfortable with to begin with, but I was trying to trust that it would be ok. Basically took my carbs and my protein and swapped 'em (not quite), and carbs are down to about 140g/day instead of the 170 where they were (!!). Protein came up a bit and calories dropped by a total of only about 50/day. So since Tuesday I'm down 2 pounds after an initial loss, 3 day stall, and finally a loss this morning.

I'd like to hit it closer to 140 (who am I kidding - ideal would be 137ish), but...with my time frame that's not going to happen. I noticed the hit to energy immediately and in a big way, buuuut...for now I'm just pushing through. 10 more days, I can do it.

Relatedly - wednesday's workout this coming week should be interesting. It's the "Skills Evaluation" for this new training program I've been following, we'll see how much my strength is affected with this deficit I guess. This isn't ideal, but I shouldn't have gained so much to begin with. The plan now is to get down and STAY down (as if that hasn't been the plan all along) - so done done done with these wild swings. Once I get under that 140 that's IT - seriously. It won't go like this ever again, trust, no trust - whatever. I just can't.

Also on that note, I AM proud of me today because I am taking an off day. Given how fatigued I was on Friday and yesterday, even though part of me wanted to say "suck it up, there's wt to lose before 9/29!" I have, so far, abstained from exercise. I MAY hit up some yoga later, but just for restorative purposes (shoulders, hips especially).

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Friday's Training

OMG - it was amazing :) I hadn't had a workout like that in a long time, major pump action and I felt crazy strong!

I guess it's all working, although how much is the straight program I've been given vs the program + me doing some of my own thing....eh :)

I apologize for the sideways vids, I didn't have the software to flip 'em when I uploaded them.

The workout as was written, plus the stuff I added in bold:

Bench (all paused reps)
4 x 55
4 x 66
2 x 3 @ 77
3 x 3 @ 88
1 x 115

1 x 120

(don't know what the crazy head thing is, won't do it again!)
But umm....YEAH! Take that f'ing 110 (recall: the bench bomb-out)

4 x 95
4 x 114
4 x 133
3 x 4 @ 143
8 x 160

Bench (all paused reps)
4 x 61
4 x 72
4 x 4 @ 77
1 x 110:


BB Incline Press
(this was written as DB Incline Press)
4 x 8 @ 80

BB Plie Squats

2x15 @ 75

Good Mornings
3 x 5 @ 80

Cable Crunches

2 x 15 @ 140

500 Jumps (jump rope, about 9 mins)

There's NO REASON I can't hit these in a meet, I don't do NEAR this amount of lifting/warm-ups before hitting bench, and I still hit the 110 after way more squatting (in this workout) than I would ever do in a meet. Granted - it wasn't a maximal squat, but...

This week marks the beginning of Wk 8 of my 12wk program. Meet is November 6/7...can only get better from here, right?! I'm bringin the power!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I'm so slacking here and I'm feeling like a total slacker not keeping up but...really it's just been a whirlwind few weeks!

My training continues, that is still on track. It's just been the time to get here and write it up, upload the videos, etc...not so much of that has been happening. I'd like to say that I'm making progress, and in some ways I think i very much am, but in other ways - I just plain don't know.

I emailed Dave last week (I think? Right now it all runs together) and asked how we measure progress with this training approach - how do we know it's working? No real answer...which of course makes me rather nervous. What I have found is that I don't feel this is a very balanced program, and so I've adapted it a little to better suit my needs. I understand the concept of training specificity, but I do believe there's a time and a place to for accessory/assistance work. I also strongly believe that no one program is a one-size-fits-all program, and some adaptation is necessary. I guess I was hoping that he would help me with that, but...

The bank/mortgage fiasco continues. Last week I made an attempt to get help from NACA and that totally failed for reasons that I really can't even get into without completely losing my mind and inciting myself into a bit of a rage ;)

Work is crazy busy and with this big event coming up at the end of September I do feel like it's time to kick up the wt loss...I've been trying to stay centered and calm about it but the time is ticking away now and I've made no progress since my initial loss from dropping the cals. Which...I dunno..that drop was probably solely related to stress relief not so much the calories and well..maybe that's why now I'm not losing. But at this point, I've got not even quite 3 weeks, I'd like at least 5 to go and ideally like 8 to 10 but I know that's not realistic :( So tired of this :( I've not dropped calories further from where I did a few weeks ago, and I have finally worked the macros over to those that Christie suggested (40/40/20) - so I AM learning that my body can trust the carbs (cuz holy cow I don't remember the last time i was on like 170-175g!). It still all takes constant thought and intention...if I don't plan and plan and plan and keep it at the forefront of my mind, my cals (carbs specifically) drop.

Had a conversation with my counselor (the other one, not Christie) yesterday about what defines "recovery." She says it's not that these thoughts will ever really fully go away, but they become less intense, and they don't determine my behavior and drive my choices.

Ok then.

Otherwise, things are going along. I'm slightly sleepless again these days, but doing pretty well with that.

I may have some news to share in the next week or so :) Well I will have news, the maybe part is when I can share it :)