Monday, May 31, 2010

Deads Wrap-Up

I think the time off coupled with some very small tweaks in my diet really made the difference today. I had THE BEST workout today..haven't felt that good in AGES, and what a day to be "on!" I'm in the last week of my last training cycle of 5-3-1 for the June 19 meet, and today was Deads!

235 x 5
270 x 3
300 x 1+ ..... *drum roll* ...


BAM! YEAH! OMG, and I TOTALLY cried hahah. I couldn't stop either LOL. I blame totally F'd hormones + crazy endorphin rush = psyyyyyychoooo! ;)

It was just an incredible moment, awesome way to wrap it up..I mean 303 for 1 was the PR in January, so to end training with 300 x 4...

The rest of the plan..

Tomorrow (Tues) - bench
Wednesday - cardio
Thursday - squat
Friday - cardio

Next week is deload, then some nice rest heading into the meet.
Still planning attempts...I think a lot will depend on what I decide for squats, which I'm not quite ready to decide yet, though again I have some numbers in mine.

More soon!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training Catch-up and Lead into Last Week!

There's really a lot to say about my training last week, I've had a lot of nutritional and hormonal issues to fight with. The best thing I can say was that I gave it all I had, and I'm hoping that things on both fronts are improving even as I type.

Part of that kept me from updating here, but mostly just non-stop work last week kept me away, I just didnt have a chance to get in here with my updates. That said - training went on! I'm off now, I took some vacation days because I just needed to get away. So after a few days away from the computer, I felt like I could get back here again.

Here's a quick recap of last week:

I finally got my deads from last monday to 285 x 5, fail on 6th attempt.

For bench I did my required sets/reps:
3x 95
3 x 100
3+ x 110

I only did the 3 at 110, then I did paused singles at 110 and 115. Here's 115:

3 x 150
3 x 160
3+ x 165

I got 8 on my 165 set, but I received some unsolicited assistance on one of the reps in the middle of my set. I realize they look hard, and it's cool if you want to come over and stand-by just in case, but don't TOUCH without an invite. I didn't ask the guy to spot me, he just inserted himself into the middle of my set. I thanked him when I was done, for his concern on my behalf, but seriously...

Today I'm fighting a bit of a migraine, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow that it will be gone. Next week is my last week of training for the June 19 meet! It's all I've got. Tomorrow is deads, and my program calls for 5 @ 235, 3 @ 270, and my 1+ set at 300lbs! My goal is 4, but I'll know if that's not happening. I won't push too hard...we're too close to risk total CNS destruction and/or injury!

For Bench...1+ for 115.

Squats come on Thursday or Friday this week and my 1+ set comes at 175. I think my current PR for reps at that weight is 3, so anything over that is gravy IMO. Thursday would be better for more total recovery but if I'm not recovered from the other workouts it won't be strong, either.

So here we go...less than 3 weeks to go - bring it on!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

One More Day of Deads...

So today I did Week 2 of 5-3-1 in my last training cycle for Deads...that means I have just one training day left for this lift...ack! The meet is coming up fast!

I've been *really* tired and run down, I think attributable to several things that I don't necessarily want to get into publicly, some physical and some not - but...I know I'm gonna come out stronger from all of it.

Having camera issues...or at least file issues, I got the videos off the camera, but I can't get them to upload :(

The workout 5/25:

250 x 3
270 x 3
285 x 3+ ... 5

I did go for 6, but I failed...

Good Mornings
1 x 15 @ bar

ATG Squats
105 x 8
115 x 8

Good Mornings
1 x 15 @ bar

Leg Press
3 x 10 @ 230

Machine Adduction
12 @ 175
10 @ 190

Seated Calf Extensions
3 x 15 @ 180

Seated Curls
2 x 10 @ 95

Leg Extensions
2 x 8 @ 110

Glute Raises
(one leg x each leg) 15
(two legs) x 15

20 mins cardio

Cardio only on tap for tomorrow, need some rest.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I took a gamble that the right shoulder pain was NOT an injury and I went ahead and got a massage. She spent nearly the entire time on that shoulder, it was deeply and hugely knotted...all through the traps, levator scapulae, and that little spot on the back of your arm where everything attaches - teres minor, triceps, infraspinatus...OMG...PAAAIIINNN but soooooo much better now!

I've been alternating ice and heat and should probably schedule another massage for next week (wk of June 1st) and maybe also mid week the following week. Where's that lotto ticket...

In consideration of this bod o' mine (hahah...yes yes I'm very thoughtful ;)

So the rearranged plan for the week:
Deads on Tuesday
Squat on Thursday or Friday and
Bench on Saturday

Plus you know...cardio.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Shoulder or Squat?

Not sure where to start here, it's been an interesting day.

I woke up feeling fantastic and back to normal energy levels, so i went to the gym with my squat training plan in hand.

The plan for the day:

5 x 140
5 x 150
5+ x 160 .... 10!

Big training PR on that one, previous best was only 7. Early reps in the set I think were solid...deteriorated toward the end. BUT, I think the practice and focus on form has afforded me more quality reps, which doesn't zap my strength quite as early on in these sets. Rep 8 was particularly ugly, 9 a little questionable and 10 really not so good, but those wouldn't have been possible at all without all the focus I've been placing on driving my hips, keeping my knees out so as to not gm (at least, as much) out of the hole. Here's that last set, I'm pleased :)

10 @ 135, 165
8 @ 185

Hack Squats
10 @ 145, 155, 165, 90

Leg Press
2 x 10 @ 270

BB Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

Standing Calf Raises
4 x 12 @ 150

Seated Curls
2 x 10 @ 95

Leg Extensions
2 x 10 @ 110

20 mins Elliptical

After some time passed on the elliptical, I started noticing an ache in my right shoulder. UGH, wtf?! I didn't touch my shoulders today...OK OK they're in an awkwardly rotated position holding the bar, but...really?! I pretended it wasn't there.

Couldn't really do that for long, it's achey - there I said it. I have full ROM, and it doesn't hurt more or less with movement, it just sort of aches. I biofreezed a few times at work (no ice), and took some advil. I'm icing now and trying to keep it rested. NO UB workout for me this weekend, that's for sure. Tomorrow or Sunday depending on how it feels, I'll go ahead and start some light therapeutic rotator exercises for it. I should be doing them anyway...

And the OTHER shoulder...the left one. What a nightmare! I was going crazy:

Seriously? 6 hours of this today (thank GOD it finally subsided)! There's like a fucking alien in there, do you see that?!

Anyway...I don't think I injured my right shoulder...not with full ROM like I have, maybe just a little strain. If I DID do something, I have no idea how or what or when I did it. Rest, Ice,'ll be fine, has to be!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need to Bathe in Biofreeze...

No really. *Soretastic* today, I mean - ok this is totally TMI but I need to hear the ladies on this pecs are SO SORE that it hurts to NOT where a bra because the girls are stressing 'em out. Who's with me? Please don't tell me I'm alone on this one!

I'm also totally fried energy-wise. I've been trying really hard to keep my calories (including carbs) UP and I feel more tired than I have in weeks. And hungry too, wtf? I hate that. I wonder if it's still not enough food...I just don't know how that could be!

ANYWAY - I got up this morning for abs/cardio day and DRAGGED my butt into the gym. 1st set of cable crunches and I nearly bagged it. I SHOULD have bagged it. I dropped the weight 30lbs and managed to complete the sets.

I actually completed the rest of my abs workout as planned and really tried to convince myself that cardio would be fine. Up one (of two) flights of stairs, and I knew better. I finally did what I should have when i first got there - left.

Came home and snoozed another 45 minutes, then got up and started the day.

Need to be real honest with myself tomorrow morning when I go after squats!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Slightly) Bigger Bench

This week's bench plan called for 3 sets: 5 x 90, 5 x 95, and 5+ x 100 (which was actually 102, I rounded down). Four weeks ago it was 5 x 85, 5 x 95, and 5+ x 100 (which was actually 98, I rounded up).

I got the required reps on Sets 1 and 2, and I got 10 reps on the last set. Last time I got 10 reps, but I guess this week was just evvvvvver so slightly stronger with that first set being at 90 instead of 85 :)

Whatever I'll take it ;) Especially because all my warm-up sets felt HEAVY. Here's the last set - 100 x 10:

Rest of the workout...

Pullups: 5 (still stuck)

Chinups: 2 x 5

BB Floor Presses
10 x 95
8 x 100 (first time @ 100 :)
8 x 95

Face Pulls
10 @ 90
2 x 10 @ 100

DB Incline Flys
3 x 10 @ 25

DB 2-Arm Incline Rows
15 @ 20
10 @ 20
8 @ 20

DB One Arm Chest Press
2 x 8/arm @ 35

Back Extensions
15 @ 25, 10, BW

2 x 12

20 mins elliptical

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Big Bench!

Bench is up tomorrow, woot!

I'm SORE from Monday's deads, wow. And NOT where you'd expect! My adductors are killing me..they've NEVER been sore like this after deads...gonna watch those vids a few more times and see if I can see what (if anything) I was doing differently. Not that there's anything wrong with it, probably better - less back! Just surprising - new things always are :)

Today was just some cardio, 40 minutes easy on the elliptical. Trying something new with nutrition - trying not to beat myself up so much. I've been decreasing carbs on cardio only days, but after Monday's deads I didn't really feel like that would serve me very well, so I kept things about the same today as I do on training days. We'll see how that serves me tomorrow...both in energy and for my chest/back workout, and how it reflects on the dreaded scale.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack In the Saddle Again - Baaaaack!

In my head you hear that like Steven Tyler ;)

Today's return to 5-3-1 and regular workouts - Legs/Deads!

Pull-ups: 5 (blah! even with all that rest, no 6th!)

230 x 5
250 x 5
270 x 5+ ... *nine*

Yay week off! Came back strong :)

Good Mornings
2 x 15 @ bar

An attempt at "ATG" squats - light weight
2 x 8 @ 95

Leg Press
3 x 8 @ 270

Machine Hip Adduction
2 x 12 @ 170

Seated Calf Extensions
3 x 15 @ 180

Seated Curls
2 x 8 @ 95

Leg Extensions
2 x 10 @ 110

20 mins Elliptical

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Countdown is ON

So here we are...just under 5 weeks out from my next meet - my anticipation of the meet is definitely building, I'm getting really pumped up and excited for it. Had a little bit of a scare earlier this week when I thought I was going to have to be in Portland, OR for work leading up to the meet, but thankfully that craziness has been delayed until after the meet :)

Tomorrow I go back to 5-3-1, and I go back for all lifts, including Squats. I've had a full week off and I'm ready to hit it again hard, yeah!! I've got 3 weeks of heavier loads, a week of deload, and a week off - that's it!

This meet is also going to be filmed for a show on Xtreme Power TV and shown live on the day of the meet :)

I'm going back to a structured schedule for workouts, meaning specific days for each's just easier. I'm still going to give myself some freedom with the rest of my workouts (assistance exercises), but it's just easier for me to stick with the program to have set days. With that, I'm also going to swap deads with squats, so my last heavy deads are Monday May 31...that gives me almost 3 weeks for max recovery time. That last deadlift day I'll be chasing 300 for reps. Umm...300 for reps! WTF! hahah...exciting!! :)

I've had a bunch of time off from Pull-Ups too, hopefully I can go kill 6 reps right out of the gates, hahah..that's the plan :) We'll see!

Training updates, meet anticipation, weight and nutritional meanderings to recommence....stay tuned :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Farewell to CrossFit...

I went back today for my last session for a little while. Tomorrow I'm just going to do some light cardio, take Sunday off completely, then head back into my last 5-3-1 Cycle going into my meet June 19.

Sad to see it go for a while, but I'm going to pick it up a bit as I mentioned, after the meet. I may even put good ole' LA Fitness on hold for a month or so...we'll see.

That said, today's workout was a GREAT one to end on!

4 components
Sets of: 21 - 18 - 15 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3

Deadlifts (95lbs)
Broad Jumps
Renegade Rows (One-Arm DB Rows from Plank position - 20lbs)
Odd # sets: 200m run
Even # sets: 800m run

Finished: 31:56 with a little "Rx" next to my name, yeah!
Beat everyone today, even the guys (small class)!

This was a HARD freaking workout but it felt really good. The long run actually felt like I was getting some recovery! I felt slighted of that on the short 200m run LOL..somehow that's just wrong ;) The DLs went up easy, those rows were tough though at that rep scheme.

Fighting hard with the urge to go do more cardio but I refuse to give in to that crazy voice. R-E-F-U-S-E.

As much as I've really enjoyed this week off from training, I am looking forward to going back, I think it may be because I'm so amped up for this meet :)

So back to training vids and more traditional workouts next week, but I think this break from the same ole did me wonders :)

See ya at the end of June, Crossfit! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

CrossFit Day 2

2nd time Great workout today, *really* short, not sweet, not easy! The WOD included only 3 exercises, two of 'em were completely new to me but a lot of fun! The one I knew, not so much fun ;)

Here goes:

KB Swings (i think my KB was 24lbs?)
Ball Slams (20lb ball)

x 5 sets of 25, 20, 15, 10, 5!

Best time: 10:46 or something crazy...instructor :)

Ummm...that's a lot of fucking burpees! Gah!

But seriously killer workout, and done in under 15 mins?! And believe me I was *done* No need to do more!

Going back once more - tomorrow.
Saturday will just do some cardio, Sunday rest, then next week I go back into my (last) regular training cycle for the meet!

Now I wait for tomorrow's workout to post...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CrossFit - Awww Yeahhh

Wow, I absolutely had a blast! Gotta give a HUGE shout out to Susan for getting me to go and try this! Plus it was just awesome to have her there to help orient and step me through, encourage and motivate! And totally embarrass, but that's a different story, and I'll totally live ;)

Lemme break down how it went, and then I have lots to say I think :)

Lots of dynamic stretches and some warm-up body weight only exercises (15 pushups, 15 situps, 25 jumping jacks, 5 burpees w/chest to ground). Totally a solid warm-up, no lameness here :)

So Lance, the owner/instructor - walked around and made sure everyone knew how to perform the movements, had the right setup with their bars/boxes etc, and knew how it was going to work (I was the only first-timer but he checked in on everyone)

We all lined up outside, he counted it down and said GO!

Then it was 4 rounds of the following:

- 400 meter run (I think this is 1/4 mile?)
- 20 box jumps
- 20 sumo deadlifts/high pulls

I guess the idea is to do it for time, and you're vaguely competing with the other folks in your class. But you do your thing and go until you are done!

The fastest guy finished all this in something like 15:45
I finished I think with 21:25

1st two rounds went quickly and relatively painlessly...the third round I started to slow down and the 4th round by the time I got to those damn sumo/high pulls I was *done* Hahah...

When you're done, you yell TIME! And your time is recorded. I would think that each time you go you try to beat your time, but I don't know how often that same workout is repeated so it might be tough to compare day-to-day.

I was SUPER nervous about the Box Jumps because I envisioned totally tripping on my face and my chin winding up on the edge of the box, but everything is modifiable and is adjusted to your skill level as needed (or in the case of these box jumps, I think for both Susan and myself - our confidence levels!).

I was also a little nervous about the sumo/high pull thing but more so because I just did really heavy deads on Sunday. The sumos were fine (super light @ 65lbs and the reps, had they been sumos alone, would have been no problem), it was the high pulls that were killer for me, wow. Traps are *screaming* right about now LOL, I live in fear of the soreness tomorrow ;)

WHY did I love it?!

I loved the FREEDOM it gave me - first off, hellooo I was done in 20 minutes?! That's insane! Susan said it would be fast, and she said on her first day she was worried she'd have to find time later in the day to go off to the gym and do more cardio or something, but she learned very quickly that was NOT the case. I did too - I absolutely felt no need to do any more workout today ;)

Freedom too from *planning* I didn't have to sit down and think through and plan out any workout last night. That felt awesome...I was not responsible for myself today (as far as that, I mean hahah :) and I loved it :)

Freedom from having to find my own motivation and energy! WOW I'm way more competitive than I thought in that type of environment. Funny, because when I compete I really am able to stay focused and compete only with myself. But in this setting,I wanted to WIN! I wanted to beat a man! I wanted to be faster than the other women! I was SURPRISED! Hah - but it kept me motivated and energized even when I was pooped :) AND - Lance, the instructor/owner - he was just awesome at encouraging you, pushing you...I've never worked with a trainer in person, I only had a training partner (Myles :) for a short time and only once a week...I've always been the coach to myself, and responsible for pushing myself and finding my own motivation, and today I didn't have to. That rocked :)

I loved the setting - just a big warehouse/garage with doors that opened outside. We did the run outside and sweated like pigs in the heat of the building but the breeze would blow in and MAN when I would leave the room for the run outside it was gorgeous...just loved having that sort of openness in the environment around me.

People were ALL super friendly and INTO it - they were there to work out and work hard! No futzing :) Rockin!

I'm trying to work it into my schedule that I can go back this Thursday, and *possibly* Saturday before going back to my regular training for the meet. I told Lance that I would like to come back after the meet - I think I could really dig this for a while, and I can definitely use the change for a few weeks post meet. He was totally cool with that :) I'm excited, and looking forward to it actually! Something different everyday, and all that freedom and change from the heavy lifting and boring ass *cardio* ugh!

Can't wait to go back - I find myself checking the website TONIGHT looking for the workout tomorrow even though I know I'm not going back until (at the earliest) Thursday! Hah!

Training for PL or BB or Figure - this isn't going to do it, but general fitness and health and well-being - TOTALLY PERFECT. Fast, intense, complete - solid instruction, motivation - everything you need rolled up in one? Hellz yeah - Bring it on!! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Trying Something New..CrossFit

Kind of excited to try something new tomorrow, I'm going to go to CrossFit for their 6am workout tomorrow morning. The workout has been posted...hopefully I'm recovered enough from Sunday to do the Sumo Deadlift/High Pull combo they've got there. Should be very light weight but I only did Deads yesterday...

Here's the workout:

4 Rounds for Time

400M Run

20 Box Jumps

20 SDLHP 65/95 (Sumo Deadlift/High Pull)

Not sure what the 65/95 notation is, maybe weight for females/males? I dunno no clue, I guess I'll find out!

It's a little on the expensive side for one trip to the gym but - it should be fun and I've wanted to try it for a while. Plus - going with a friend, that's always good!

Full update tomorrow night :)


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Nutrition & Wt Battles Continue

Despite all my best efforts to get down and stay at 136, I got there for about 47 seconds and promptly worked my way steadily back up to...141. Seriously, I thought, WTFF (yes there's an extra F!)?!

I maintained relative composure, tried to think through some things rationally. TOM was probably definitely a factor, the clean cheat meal I cooked for myself last weekend. Cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, and chocolate/pb dessert concoction from Hungry Girl that was less than 200 calories (but mmmm yummy). Very clean and hardly an overboard cheat meal, especially considering the last I'd had was in late March.

Sure sure those things played a role, but then it didn't go away. Typical Cathy, never has a cheat meal even when it's really needed because this ALWAYS happens. Gain 3 pounds and it takes 3 weeks to make them go away again. I feel punished by my body, so instead of feeling badly about it, I just don't do it. It's a cycle..and one I'm apparently reinforcing unintentionally.

I talked with RC and wondered outloud if the INfrequency of refeeding with a cheat meal is actually making this cycle worse. Meaning the longer I hold out between these meals, the worse the retention gets, the longer I hold out for the next one, the worse it gets again, and so on.

He said, surprise...yes!

Once again I heard that I'm still thinking like I'm on a diet, and not feeding myself properly for this training. I KNOW this, but this is all I've known for 10 years now...10 years I've been eating like this, I don't know *how* to eat differently.

A few things we discussed, that I'm implenting on my own this week to see how I do (since it's an off week), and then we'll regroup and see what needs to be done to successfully bring it to training weeks.

- don't get all fat from the same source, vary the type. even if it's healthy fat, apparently it's no good to all come from the same source.

- spread it out (the fat) more throughout the day. I was getting mine in sort of 2 big chunks.

- go easy on the wheat/gluten. I'm trying to find some alternative carb sources that are still quick and easy. Not as easy as it sounds.

- ease off some of the powder. it's convenient yes, and I've got a hectic on-the-go lifestyle and it's HARD to prep everything every single day, so powder has been an easy go-to for a long time. But looking for more solid, real food sources of protein. Trying to remove one powder serving/day.

- vary the macros. This is where I will need some help. i'm running with it on my own this week, but will definitely need some help when training picks back up. We may go to a carb cycle, or we may go to a regular cheat meal (which with time, will theoretically train my body to let go a little more quickly than it does now).

I am really frustrated with myself, for still not getting this. But I do keep forgetting (and relearning) that the goal is now for training and strength. It's going to continue to take some time. I need RC's help in this, particularly because I'm so close in to the meet (I don't have time to be f'ing up and messing with my recovery and ability to train this close) and because we have another commercial shoot coming up for work, either the week before (ugh *excellent* timing right?) or maybe even the week after (is that better? hardly!) the meet. If I'm going to be "camera ready" i've got to maintain..just 3 pounds makes such a huge difference visually on me.

So while I really want to learn this, figure it out and move through it on my own, with all the struggles and frustrations that come with it, I don't have that luxury right now. So once again I need to extend the major major thanks and gratefulness to RC for extending his hand in help.

I will do this, I will be strong, I will not let my emotions get the better of me. Smart and sensible is the best way to go with training and nutrition.

Today - 139.0
Goal is to compete at 136-137
Commercial shoot at 135 or less.

Either way this works out, I'm doing my best. I need to learn how to separate myself and look at me from the "normal" perspective, and the work perspective..but I've yet to figure that one out. My friend T has though, and in that regard she is my role model.

And then, there was rest...

Today was my last heavy day for a week. I've been looking forward to this day both for the intensity of the day and for the week of "light" that comes after.

Friday I did shoulders, and supersets for bis/tris, and some ab work. I snuck in about 25 minutes of cardio too.

Saturday was REST. I SLEPT. Holy crap I slept and it was *major*fabulousness* I completely conked out around 9:30 Friday night and slept SOLID through the night until 7:30am. I NEEDED this! I fought the urge to hit some cardio later in the day, I knew I just needed to rest. That's a tough battle when my head is in the place that it's in, but I won out yesterday, and I'm glad I did :)

Last night I slept really well again, I think with these two nights combined I slept more than I did all week. A real win for me, just incredible :)

I hit the gym this morning for my last heavy day - deads. I was really bummed to find that I had left my camera at work, so I have no training vids from today, but it was another check in the major WIN category.

Today's deadlift training went down like this...

230 x 5
260 x 3
290 x 1+

So min reps for 290 was just to get the one, anything else = icing on the cake. I've never gone this heavy for reps ever, totally new territory for me. I had to work hard not to let just the NUMBER psyche me out, nevermind what it looked like all loaded on the bar!

230 x 5 went up, harder than I expected. I just took it as a warmup. Which worked well, because 260 x 3 went up easier than I expected (based on the 230). Then it was time...

290...hah! I had looked at the numbers last night and thought "if I could get 5...that'd be really golden. Six and I'd be on cloud 9!"

I got 5! It's certainly not a PR in terms of calculated 1RM, but a huge mental PR for me. I put it down after 5. I probably could have squeezed a 6th out but it wouldn't have done anything for me but to completely and utterly destroy my CNS ;) Soooo I decided against it relatively quickly. *FIVE* x 290 pounds. I felt totally exhilarrated (i have no idea how to spell that) and totally wasted at the same time! Interesting :)

One of the things in addition to maintaining a solid arch in the back (which is tough after 1 or 2 reps, something I definitely need to work on...helloooo rack pulls!) that Myles looks for is a "vertical bar" throughout the lift. Keeping the bar in close, not letting it get out in front of you adding somewhat of a horizontal component to the lift. Today, while I don't have video, I do have photographic "proof" of vertical bar through the lift!

Scratch marks from my nails up my thighs, and some nice bruises to boot, hah :) Sexaaaaay ;)

I took a time-out, about 5 minutes, and then hit the rest of my workout as planned.

Good Mornings
2 x 12 @ bar

Front Squats
8 @ 85
10 @ 75

Leg Press
3 x 8 @ 270

Machine Hip Adduction
2 x 12 @ 170

DB Walking Lunges
2 x 24 steps @ 20

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 12 @ 150

Seated Curls
2 x 8 @ 95

Seated Extensions
2 x 10 @ 95

20 mins cardio - slow walk on TM w/incline

I ate when I came home, and then got in the bed ;)
I didn't really sleep but definitely just laid there in total lethargy, and it was goood, hahah.

I look forward to my deload this week. Nothing heavier than 60%, really very much needed, and I don't think I've ever appreciated it as much as I think I'm going to this week!

One full training cycle left, then my next meet! Bring it on, June 19!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squat Practice Paying Off...I Think :)

For weeks now I've ignored my 5-3-1 training protocol and have just been busting ass with VOLUME for squats. The thought being that I need to imprint the movement, make the the muscles remember themselves how to squat correctly, without me having to constantly baby step myself through every movement in the lift.

So literally I've KILLED myself with reps with moderate weight the past several weeks. Today I returned...I'm in my 1+ week of the training cycle and decided to go with the set/rep scheme I'd be doing if I was following the plan.

Warmups, then 5 x 130, 3 x 150, 1+ x 165

Former best was 160 x 7 and today was... *drumroll* 165 x 8 :)
More weight AND more reps, woot!

Here are all 3 sets:

130 x 5 (which apparently turned out to be 4, hahah ;)

150 x 3

The finale..165 x 8 :)

The goal was every rep every time, no GM'ing out of the hole and with the exception of 2 reps across all 3 sets I think I did :) now granted it's only a total of 16 reps but still! Huge improvement...paying off, so excited for June! :)

Next week is deload, and when I come back from that I'll be on 5-3-1 for a full cycle with squats, and we'll really see how this has worked!

I also did Rack Pulls again, from a platform this time for better bar positioning. I did 2 sets convential style and the last set Sumo style thinking I'd have more specificity, but reading a response I got from Myles earlier has me thinking on that some more...

Here's the 3rd set (Sumo Style):

More to come on diet/weight woes and wins but right now I'm off to softball..possibly 2 games tonight. Could be a late night...!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Doin' the Deads

So I took a niiiice long rest this weekend, no workouts of any sort for 2 days straight. I felt FANTASTIC when I hit the gym this morning for my Deadlift workout (and the big Pull-up Finale)!

Today's workout:

3 x 245
3 x 260
3+ x 275....8!

YES! Wow - what a rush. Endorphins kicked in hard, for an instant when I was done I felt like puking, and then like crying hahah...then I thankfully pulled it together before either happened. I'm such a girl ;)

Front Squats
10 @ 85, 8 @ 75

Good Mornings
2 x 12 @ bar

Leg Press
3 x 8 @ 270

Machine Hip Adduction
2 x 15 @ 165

DB Walking Lunges
1 x 25 @ 25

Standing Calf Raises (dammnit! the seated calf extension machine is STILL broken)
3 x 12 @ 150

Seated Curls
3 x 8 @ 95

DB Walking Lunges
1 x 25 @ 25

25 mins cardio PM (easy run...HOT outside, omg!)

Feeling more week of this then deload/rest.

Operation Pull-Ups: The Finale

Well, the finale wasn't as Grande as I'd hoped! Here's today's Go For the Goal...6 pushups!

I said I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't make 6, but truth be told, I am a *little* disappointed :)

I did do better than this, this was not my best performance. THAT would be this day...Day 23:

So...Operation Pull-Ups is not over by any means, but my daily chronicalling of this journey will be taking a little break. As the (very correct) commentor said - more sets and some negatives will help. I plan to continue to "max" on unassisted sets as I've been doing, try to incorporate some negatives, and go and do a few sets on the assisted machine.

When I get 6 solid, Ahhh'll beee baaahhhck! ;)

I'm a huge dork, thanks for playing along!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Switching it Up

So as I mentioned a few weeks back, I thought I'd try something a little different for this training cycle - just try training when I felt ready, and not by a set schedule. I've managed to shake things up quite a bit I think, still getting my big lifts in* but also working muscles in combinations that I haven't in quite some time.

And um, OW. I'm SORE! Like insanely sore. Like - I wake up every time I move in my sleep kind of sore! My lower body has STILL not recovered from Wednesday's leg workout and yesterday's session of chest, shoulders, tris (and abs) has left my upper body, particularly my shoulders, toasted!

I'm a big ole pile of OW right now. I've taken more advil this week than I can ever remember.

* I was going to hit my "3" week for deads today, but there's no way in hell that's happening. Need to get it in tomorrow to keep up with the cycles, but if I am THIS sore still tomorrow there is no way that's happening *either*. If that happens, I may skip it and just go into the 5-3-1 week this week as I am with everything else. I'm not sure if I'm not fully recovering or what...I have one week left in this cycle then a deload, which I know I'm in need of.

I've been absolutely *starving* this past week too, and my weight has been going up (3lbs since Tues)! Yesterday I went ahead and had an extra snack, maybe 150-160 calories or so, and this morning I was woken up from hunger and I was down 1.8lbs of those 3lbs. So...I think a nice cheat meal is in order tonight, and then I'll look at increasing my food intake next week. That could be part of not recovering too, of course.

Here's yesterday's Chest/Shoulder/Tris/Abs workout:

5 x 85
3 x 100
1+ x 110 - 5reps
85, 75, 65 x 10

DB Lateral Raises
3 x 8 @ 20
2 x 10 @ 15

Incline Triceps Extension
10 @ 30lb ez curl bar
10 @ 15lb dbs
10 @ 20lb dbs
8 @ 25lb dbs

DB Incline Press
8, 7 @ 35

DB Front Raises
2 x 10 @ 15

DB Triceps Kickbacks
2 x 12 @ 20

1 x 15 Pushups

Hanging Knee Raises
2 x 12

Rope Crunches
3 x 12 @ 130

Tri Set: V-Sit w/Twist + Wtd Sit-ups + Hip Thrusts
2 sets @ 24, 12, 12 @ 10lb plate

Plank 1 @ 60

25min Run