Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need to Bathe in Biofreeze...

No really. *Soretastic* today, I mean - ok this is totally TMI but I need to hear the ladies on this pecs are SO SORE that it hurts to NOT where a bra because the girls are stressing 'em out. Who's with me? Please don't tell me I'm alone on this one!

I'm also totally fried energy-wise. I've been trying really hard to keep my calories (including carbs) UP and I feel more tired than I have in weeks. And hungry too, wtf? I hate that. I wonder if it's still not enough food...I just don't know how that could be!

ANYWAY - I got up this morning for abs/cardio day and DRAGGED my butt into the gym. 1st set of cable crunches and I nearly bagged it. I SHOULD have bagged it. I dropped the weight 30lbs and managed to complete the sets.

I actually completed the rest of my abs workout as planned and really tried to convince myself that cardio would be fine. Up one (of two) flights of stairs, and I knew better. I finally did what I should have when i first got there - left.

Came home and snoozed another 45 minutes, then got up and started the day.

Need to be real honest with myself tomorrow morning when I go after squats!

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