Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I took a gamble that the right shoulder pain was NOT an injury and I went ahead and got a massage. She spent nearly the entire time on that shoulder, it was deeply and hugely knotted...all through the traps, levator scapulae, and that little spot on the back of your arm where everything attaches - teres minor, triceps, infraspinatus...OMG...PAAAIIINNN but soooooo much better now!

I've been alternating ice and heat and should probably schedule another massage for next week (wk of June 1st) and maybe also mid week the following week. Where's that lotto ticket...

In consideration of this bod o' mine (hahah...yes yes I'm very thoughtful ;)

So the rearranged plan for the week:
Deads on Tuesday
Squat on Thursday or Friday and
Bench on Saturday

Plus you know...cardio.

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