Monday, June 27, 2011

Touch & Go, Be Gone!

I made today deadlift day since I'm traveling this week and need to rearrange my schedule to accommodate that. I know that Wednesday I'll be off completely, and that I'm not allowed to deadlift in the gym at home, it's "too noisy" hahah. Whatevs. ANYWAY, so deads today, last heavy week of my first cycle back on 5-3-1...

5 x 210, 3 x 240, 1+ x 265

With the advice of sir Myles, I'm attempting to do away with the "touch and go" style deads and pull full on from the floor for every rep (here's a recent example of touch & go style). I think honestly that's easier to do with a conventional set-up, or maybe that's just me being a bit of a pussy, but...either way I gotta figure it out. We gots to do what we gots to do ;) I think these will look better as I get used to it, but not so bad for my first go 'round (I think).

I'm pretty psyched that I went beltless on the 240 and they felt great:

For the last set I belted (and chalked) up and pulled out 8 at the 265, leaving maybe 1 (very tough pull) left in the tank:

Hmmm heavy breathing much? :)
Calculated 1RM max from 265 x 8 = 330/335 depending on which formula you use. Woot :)

BUT - still need to work on resetting that back, particularly towards the end.
Next week is deload, and then we're on to cycle 2...

It's definitely going to depend on the job situation, but at this point I'd really like to plan on doing the Deadlift only division of the USPA Treasure Coast Classic meet at the end of August :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Some Peace

I haven't talked about it beyond a passive mention in a long time, hopefully a sign in and of itself that things in my head are a little quieter, but I've still been "dieting" these past few weeks. I started back the 2nd week of March with Raphael and we've been at it ever since...the quest to lose about 8-10lbs. My goal was to feel better in my body, not feel bloated or off, to fit in my clothes..really just to feel right.

I started to get that feeling at about 142lbs and a few weeks ago hit on 140.4 and was feeling *fantastic* Immediately upon seeing that I got my period and my weight (and associated bloating) shot right back up where I didn't want it. Since then the 'fight' has been ON to bring it back. I've repeatedly gotten back to the 142s and each time I've felt really good. That seems to be the magic place for me - just over the line into feeling good and right, clothes fitting and importantly - easily maintainable. Still - I saw that 140 a few weeks back and I had some sort of perverse need to get back there because not getting back there would be giving up, right?

To do that, we've experimented more with manipulating carbs and cardio and during that time I've honestly come to the conclusion that I am literally fighting it, and really it kind of makes me miserable and I don't need it. I don't want it anymore, I don't want to think about it, I don't want to spend endless time doing cardio, I don't want to feel like crap - I want none of that. I want to feel good and strong in the gym again, I want to be able to live (and not in fear) and be like a normal person.

I found myself writing this in an email, and I meant it: "I feel a little like I'm giving up, but also a lot like I've won a bit of my life back." While the past few weeks have been a fight, I think that time was necessary for me to be able to look back and say "but for what?" I've already achieved the "feel good" I was looking for, my clothes are fitting again...I've achieved what I set out for and it's time to stop the fight. Carbs will come up, energy will return, training will be stronger, recovery will be better...all good things :)

It was about this time last year when I was finally able to ask for help and it has been some kind of journey of ups and downs, and yet another that will likely never end, have continual twists and turns and moments of straying off the path and getting a little lost. But I really feel like I'm very well on my way - Out of the Abyss.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


It's interesting how things change...not that long ago I hated performing squats and I had terrible form. Lately, maybe because of the little time off, I've really enjoyed my squat sessions and I actually feel like my form has improved...the mechanics of the movement just seem to flow better for me lately. I don't have to talk myself through it quite so much, and the weight doesn't seem as heavy. Well, it's not as heavy, but even at the lighter weights...they feel lighter than they have in the past.

Here's the latest squat session: 3 x 125, 3 x 130, 3+ x 140
Again because of the lower cals, I went conservative on the 3+ set and didn't push too hard. Called it at 8, could have gone 10 and maaaaaybe squeezed out an 11th.

Later, the tall, pasty-white skinny guy at the other rack complimented my form (and with some sort of very exotic accent no less ;)

Applied for some more jobs yesterday/today...just gotta keep pounding those resumes out I guess. No word on any though, other than the phone interview I've got scheduled for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So far, so good

In week 2 of training and things are going along rather smoothly. I think squat took the biggest hit to strength, which I guess isn't really that surprising. Still, it's not that bad and I've got plenty of time to bring it on back.

This cycle's deadlift training max is 280, today called for 3 x 225, 3 x 240 and 3+ x 255. All three sets went well. Still low on calories, I didn't push it and I pulled the plug on the plus set at 8, felt like I had 10 or 11 in me:

Felt good. Calories will start to come up next week, I expect only good things to come :)

As for the rest of life ;) The job hunt continues...the last strong job opportunity fell through. The company decided they needed to hire in an RD rather than an MPH and so there went that position. I've another phone interview this Friday for a position very similar to the last one, I expect it to go well and be a great start to my weekend :)

Lori was here this past week and we had a total blast...we went to the Def Leppard concert...realized we've both been to see them *twelve* (LOL) times! Ten shows in common...hahah. I honestly thought it was the best show I've seen to date :) Friday night we went out and hit the club seen - Vince Neil's "Feelgoods" in downtown West Palm proved to be the club of choice. We vacated around 1am when the super drunk guys started to get a little annoying ;) I was pretty tired, hahah.

GFs rock :)

I'll be going home on Wednesday next week for the holiday and for my birthday...I'm looking forward to visiting the folks, my Aunt & Uncle will also be visiting from'll be a good escape from everything here. Gotta figure out my training plans for next week...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's My Friday

Had a *fantastic* deadlift workout this morning...gave a test run to the new 5-3-1 Just felt great, and maybe I haven't lost as much as I thought!

For those keeping score, I'm taking a vacation day every Friday between now (actually I started last friday) and July 8th. Plus my birthday, which gives me a faaaaabulous 5 days off in a row over the Holiday weekend, plus a half day next wednesday.

So...tomorrow I'll sleep till my little heart desires, get to the gym and hit up some arms (snoozer) and then the day is mine! Maybe a hair cut, maybe the beach, maybe a mid-day movie...who knows, but the weekend begins now :) Also exciting - my GF will be coming to visit beginning on Tuesday and for the rest of the week! Plans so far include Def Leppard/Heart on Wednesday night and massages (thank you Living Social!) on Friday. Hopefully also some beach or pool time, who knows...we do always manage a fun time tho, so I'm really looking forward to it :)

Things are looking if only I'd get that job... (still, job x 3 applied for over the past 24 hours)!

P.S. OH! I almost forgot - very exciting :) The other day at the gym someone just randomly approached me and said, "are you a powerlifter?" HAH! "Why yes, I try to be - thank you!" I didn't say that, but I felt like a superstar - I looked like an athlete! It made my day :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Gettin' It Back :)

Just starting to feel really good again - I've been sleeping better AND getting more hours of sleep (don't need to get up at 4, or worse...3:50 (!) anymore!), feeling some lightness as a burden slowly lifts. It's been a little more than a week and while even though I have 5 to go (and still no guaranteed work on the other side) - each day I feel like I'm getting a bit more of my life back.

The latest news...Saturday at the gym I tried doing some (unassisted) dips and after all of one I immediately stopped - it hurts my shoulders. I just can't do them! It's frustrating but really why risk it..they're officially out of rotation :) Shoulders are fine, much better today than yesterday, but I will likely lay off chest and/or shoulders another day or so.

Tomorrow afternoon I go into the office, it'll be my first time back since the big day...should be interesting. I should probably bring a box or something too, and start organizing my stuff. Don't plan on too many trips down there between now and July 8!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Cycles

So here we's June 1 - New Moon - new beginnings...I'm so ready for it!

Yesterday I just felt sort of lost, my first day at home officially "on notice." Today was a much better day than my first day, I had more to do today and I had drive and focus: getting ready and prepared for tomorrow :)

I feel good :)

In OTHER news, I went ahead and picked my next meet! I've allowed for plenty of time to slowly return to training, plenty of time to slowly work back up to where I sort of "left off" or get back to where I was, and still more time to try to make some strength gains :) It'ss the first weekend in November - the USPA Raw World Championship. Honestly I think they try to name as many meets "championships" as they possibly can, hahah. As far as i can tell all you have to do to lift at this championship event is sign-up ;) But anyway - it SOUNDS big and important! I'm really happy to have it on the schedule..or at least in my sights to add to the schedule.

Movin on...