Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's My Friday

Had a *fantastic* deadlift workout this morning...gave a test run to the new 5-3-1 Just felt great, and maybe I haven't lost as much as I thought!

For those keeping score, I'm taking a vacation day every Friday between now (actually I started last friday) and July 8th. Plus my birthday, which gives me a faaaaabulous 5 days off in a row over the Holiday weekend, plus a half day next wednesday.

So...tomorrow I'll sleep till my little heart desires, get to the gym and hit up some arms (snoozer) and then the day is mine! Maybe a hair cut, maybe the beach, maybe a mid-day movie...who knows, but the weekend begins now :) Also exciting - my GF will be coming to visit beginning on Tuesday and for the rest of the week! Plans so far include Def Leppard/Heart on Wednesday night and massages (thank you Living Social!) on Friday. Hopefully also some beach or pool time, who knows...we do always manage a fun time tho, so I'm really looking forward to it :)

Things are looking if only I'd get that job... (still, job x 3 applied for over the past 24 hours)!

P.S. OH! I almost forgot - very exciting :) The other day at the gym someone just randomly approached me and said, "are you a powerlifter?" HAH! "Why yes, I try to be - thank you!" I didn't say that, but I felt like a superstar - I looked like an athlete! It made my day :)


  1. I can't wait for the weekend ....

  2. Why yes you are an athlete and power are what you repeatedly do!!