Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rest and Refresh

The photoshoot went well - things were pretty hectic trying to keep up with work and being up in the city for the shoot. They had everything nicely coordinated and they made it a first class experience. Definitely a lot of fun. I grabbed a snapshot at the end of the shoot in the second outfit they had me in, I didn't manage to get one of the first outfit because they had me change so's a sneak peak of what's to come - Good Housekeeping Magazine, July 2010 issue (on shelves mid-June :)

From 2010-03-01

So 3 days of rest - no workouts just some nice walks through the city (in the freeeeeezing cold) made for a nice break. Got back to it today after we got Dad home from the hospital, I went over to my Dad's gym for UB/Abs + cardio workout. Again, I thought I'd be stronger given the rest, but I think the pace of the past few days, lack of sleep, and stressin' over dad took a bit more of a toll than I thought.

Went like this:
Operation Pull-ups: ehhh...3ish.5ish ;)

DB Flat Chest Press
10 x 30, 8 x 35, 6 x 40, 4 x 5 @ 45

10 x 135, 155, 175

BB Overhead Press
10 x bar, 12 x 50, 10 x 55, 8 x 60, 7 x 65, 4 x 70

DB Lateral Raises
2 x 10 @ 20

BB Close Grip Triceps Press
3 x 8 @ 75

DB Triceps Kickbacks
2 x 10 @ 25

DB Hammer Curls
2 x 10 @ 20

2Handed DB Preacher Curl
1 x 10 @ 50

Hanging Knee Raises ss w/Cable Rope Crunch @ 120
12/12, 12/12

Wtd Situps
2 x 15 @ 20lbs

Bicycle Maneuver
1 x 60

1 x 90 secs

20 minutes easy cardio (arc trainer)

Here 'till Saturday.

The plan for the week looks like this:
Monday: 30 cardio
Tuesday: Legs (squats)
Wednesday: Chest/Back/Abs (bench) + 20 cardio
Thursday: 30 cardio
Friday: Legs (deads)
Saturday: Rest (travel to FL)

Operation Pull-ups: Days 8 & 9 and Everything in Between

Day 8 was from last Wednesday, I tried a different grip that day to try to give my shoulders a break. Easier this way, so I got one more:

I went off to NYC on Wednesday after my workout and had 3 full days of rest - no workouts, just a little walking around the city. Definitely was in need of some rest, and I expected to be stronger on my return today than I was. A little disappointing. Training vids and pull-up vids in general this week will be from VA - this is my dad's gym, where I get yelled at for "dropping or slamming weights" when I set the bar on the floor. The rest of my week this week will be from Anytime Fitness (open 24/7).

Day 9 (after 3 days of rest):

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bench, and I'm Off (again)!

Today was Chest/Back/ lower back was actually pretty sore yesterday throughout the day after squats, so I decided to stick with a focus on upper back this morning, that worked out well :)

Here's a looksie at today:
5 x 80, 3 x 90, 9 x 100
(former PR with 100 = 7 reps, woot)

Almost 3 :)

BB Floor Press
90 x 10, 8, 8

Set 2:

1-Arm Cable High Rows
80 x 10, 10, 10

DB Incline Flys
3 x 10 @ 25

Cable Lat Pulldown
3 x 8 @ 85

Hammer Incline Press
90 x 8, 6

Back Extensions (nice and light)
3 x 10 @ 10

3 x 12

Reverse Trunk Twists
2 x 8/side

Decline Situps
1 x 15

Leg Raises
2 x 10 @ 4lb ball

Wtd Sit-ups
2 x 12 @ 20 (two 10lb plates :)

Plank @ 90secs

Rope Crunches
2 x 15 @ 120

20 mins Cardio

I'm off to NYC again tomorrow - Saturday this week with a jam packed schedule aside from Friday night (yay! :). This is for an article in Good Housekeeping Magazine, woot! Nervous, and struggling with the weight,'s here now, there's not a lot I can do except stay the course! Meeting Brandi there, it's been WAY too long (almost a year), and I am so looking forward to some GF time!

Saturday I leave NYC and head to DC where mom will pick me up on Saturday night. I spend Saturday the 27th through Saturday April 3rd (day before Easter) back in VA. Dad is having his hip surgery again on Thursday this week, so I'm going to be working from home again there next week, and trying to help him there that first, critical week. The good thing about THIS time is that he won't need the IV treatments, and they will want him up and moving and rehabbing as quickly as possible.

Today I shipped a bunch of supplements, my weight belt, and my lifting shoes HOME, so they'll be there for me next week and I don't have to lug them around NYC or pay to check luggage (cheaper to mail anyway).

Workout plan this week:
Sunday - 30cardio
Monday - Legs (Squat)
Tuesday - Chest/Back/Abs (Bench) + 20 cardio
Wednesday - if legs are recovered enough, legs (deads - but deload/light weight. If not recovered, just cardio (feeling fine as I post this).
Thursday/Friday/Saturday - rest, only walking the city

I'm due for some deloading, so this works out well and I planned it out this way a few weeks ago when I knew I was going to NYC - ridiculous to find a gym with a day pass there for any reasonable $$.

Operation Pull-Ups: Day 7

Today was Day 7...

Almost 3, again.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Cathy Gets SQUAT!


I learned to squat today! HAH! It's only been over a year, right?! That's a normal learning curve?! ;)

No SERIOUSLY, started out today and something just *clicked,* a light bulb went off, it was incredible! I KNEW it flipped, I was squatting and thinking, YES I'm GETTING THIS!

Sorry to totally inundate with vids but you have no idea how excited I am :)

135 x 8

something's starting to click, but not quite there yet...

140 x 8

*a-ha* this feels right!

145 x 8 (or maybe 7?)

yes! I think I'm getting it!

150 x 10 (pr! and HUGE at that because previous 150 was 9 and only after 2 sets of 5 :)

Here's former 150 PR for comparison...actually I lied, I can't find the vid of 150 x 9 (I think it went up on google web albums and is gone now) but here's a few weeks before that one, 150 x 8...

Yeah! Do you see the difference?! That set of 8 is TERRIBLE ugh! The difference is huge - not only do I see it, but I felt it! It's *happy*

Operation Pull-Ups: Days 5 & 6

Day 5 = REST
Everything needed it, and pull-ups definitely needed it, as was evident in Day 4.

Day 6

Probably could have used another day off from these. Better than Day 4, but not quite up to snuff with Day 3.

Not sure how I'm going to keep up with these in NYC :(

Saturday, March 20, 2010

This is a first...

Even my fingers/hands are sore after today (grip?).



Highs & Lows

Stronger than ever during workout today...DB chest press (+ 1 set), bb overhead press (+ 5lbs), DB Lateral Raises (from 15s to 20s)...really up on everything, felt great! About the only thing that didn't get stronger today was the pull-ups...but 4 days in a row, I can't complain. Anyway - was going strong, and then...I totally crashed. Out of nowhere, I had nothin' left. Had to bail on cardio, and kinda fried now. today was UB/Abs and supposed to be cardio, but that got nixed.

I think that just confirms though that I need to move this day. I've been thinking about it for a while, but..tough day after deads/legs on Friday, and the gym is a freaking disaster on Saturday mornings with people practically killing each other for a spin bike. Sooo...moving it to Sunday gives me Saturdays off, and a day between both deads and squats so more recovery. Sounds like a win/win...I'll start it next week, and I think it'll look like this (starting next Sunday, not tomorrow):

Sunday: UB/Abs + 30cardio
Monday: 30cardio
Tuesday: Legs (Squat!)
Wednesday: Chest/Back/Abs (Bench!) + 20cardio
Thursday: 30cardio
Friday Legs (Deads!)
Saturday: Off

Yes yes, that will do much better I think.

Operation Pull-ups: Day 4

I guess with 3 days of improvement under my belt, I shouldn't be overly concerned that I didn't see any today. Only managed two, but I'm feeling them big time from the past few days. That plus just the past few days of regular workouts taking a toll too. Some nice rest will help :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Deads and Dead Legs ;)

OMG *fan-freaking-tastic* workout today, legs are now done ;) I feel good :)

And you's funny how things happen. This week has been a struggle for me, as I posted about here, in terms of weight and food and body image and blah blah...Today weight was even a little higher (138.8 *sigh*), hopefully because yesterday was cardio only. Anyway I was really unhappy with that this morning, despite all the other positives I tried to overcome that stupid number with. So I'm there between my 240 set and my 255 set and a woman approached me and asked me what I had been doing lately because "WOW you look FANTASTIC, big changes in you!" Hahah...ok now I'm crying, so much for being all hardcore workout girl today. We talked for a minute and she was just so complimentary of how I've "leaned out" the past few weeks (in my head..."weeks?! what?! just getting FATTER the past few weeks" ugh), was I doing something different/special with my diet, I must be feeling fantastic (that I am) and I should be proud and all this stuff. I'm still working on that one I guess..I don't know what to say to it. It was super nice of her tho :)

230 x 3
240 x 3
255 x 11 (!)

I was disappointed, thought that that was the same as last time I hit 255 but last time I did 250 for 11, so this is a PR - yay :)

Front Squats
8 x 85
12 x 65

Good Mornings
2 x 15 @ bar

10, 10 x 125, 10 x 115, 15 x 95

First set of 10 x 125

Last set, 15 x 95

Forgot my squat shoes :(

8 x 165 (straps)
7, 7 x 165 (no straps, grip issues with both)

Last set (7 x 165)

Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

BB (same leg) Lunges
1 x 8/leg @ 85

BB (alt leg) Lunges
1 x 10/leg @ 75

Free Motion Seated Calf
4 x 15 @ 160

Leg Press
2 x 8 @ 230
1 x 6/leg (one legged) @ 50

Leg Extensions (1 drop set)
95 x 13, 80 x 7, 65 x 6, 50 x 4, 35 x 4, 20 x 15

FB Hamstring Roll-in
2 x 20

Wobbly :)

Operation Pull-Ups: Day 3


Feeling the pull-ups from the past few days in the lats (good) and shoulders (probably not so good). Need to cut out the shoulder shruggy thing I'm doing at the top. Tried to correct that today..was somewhat successful on the first rep but on the other two..I think when I'm struggling at the top I throw my traps at it to try to finish it out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Catching Up

I am so far behind..seriously don't understand how people keep up with allllll of this social networking stuff. I just don't have the time, energy, or inclination! Sorry! I love keeping this blog, but all the other stuff..I can't keep up!

But - things have been nuts, and as much as I love the blog I got behind there too. Here's Wednesday's Chest/Back/Abs (Bench!) workout:

85 x 3
90 x 3
95 x 3+ (got 13! last time I got 11 - huge PR yeah!)

Grip is starting to feel good/natural - and hell, can't argue with that reppage!

Chin-ups (with, I was told, sucktastic ROM - but I'm ok, they will be improving..more on that in a minute)

1 Pull-Up!
And Today I did 2 ;) And if you haven't, you can read more about my Operation Pull-up!

BB Rows
8 x bar
15 x 65
12 x 75
10 x 85
6 x 95

BB Floor Press
Ok, I figured this setup out, but then it took me a few sets (like 3 of 4) to figure out to pause at the bottom, and by the time i did that, it got REALLY heavy ;) But anyway...worked out, in this order, to:
10 x 85
8 x 95
8 x 90
6 x 85

1-Arm Cable High Rows
10/arm x 70, 2 x 10/arm x 80

DB Incline Flys
10, 10, 7 x 25

Cable Lat Pulldown
8 x 85, 8 x 90, 8 x 85 (close/under grip on last set, wide/over grip on first two)

Pushups SS w/ Back Extensions, 3 sets
12 / 15 @ 25
12 / 15 @ 10
12 / 15 @ bw

Decline Situps
2 x 12

Reverse Trunk Twists
1 x 10/side (ow)

Leg Raises 1 x 10 @ 4lb med ball (ow again)

V-sits w/ Med Ball Twist
2 x 15/side @ 10lb ball

Plank @ 90 secs

Rope Crunches
2 x 112 @ 120

20mins Cardio

Deads tomorrow, woot! I'm "off" tomorrow too, so I don't have to get up at 4am, thank goodness. I had a softball game tonight and I'm exhausted, but not *sleepy* so I'm still up messing around with this stuff. I should wind down soon...I hope :)

Operation: Pull-Ups

I'm going to do them. I've made up my mind - pull-ups will be mine.
I'm close, I've made progress - I can at least lift myself. My ROM might totally suck but I no longer just hang there trying to pull myself up and stay still. Progress.

RC fwd'd me a link that suggests once a day, every day, a max set will improve, even double your pull-ups in less than a month. To which I replied, can you double zero? ;)

This makes sense, this is how I taught myself to do push-ups. Do a little every day, strive for one more each day, and next thing I know I'm banging them out.

So I'm starting.

Yesterday was Day 1, baseline. Here it is:

I paid more attention to full ROM today, Day 2:

Updates every day.
They will be mine!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Failing the Trust

Ok ok - I’m freaking inside…and now, openly!

This post has been brewing in me for several days, I have to let it out :(

For a while (all of February, that’s “a while” no? ;) I was maintaining my weight steady/solid between 135 and 136, and set my “wiggle room” to be up to around 138…fear you know, I hate that 4 and never ever want to see it again. That place felt *good* I felt TIGHT, i felt RIGHT.

My weight spiked randomly about 2 weeks ago (not even after a cheat meal - just out of nowhere!) to 139.6 and I somehow managed to avoid *totally* freaking and slowly dropped back down…to 138. And here I sit. 138 – 138.6 day in and day out. Through TOM, after TOM, over the weekend in NC, today, etc. It’s been about 2 weeks…

So much for trust - I'm trying, but if I'm going to be honest about it right now I am totally failing.

The problem I’m finding with not having been tracking everything is I can’t today go back and look at what I was doing in February to see if there are big differences in food. There ARE big differences in w/o…definitely doing more and going heavier.

I could go ahead and put everything in from today and have a solid idea of what I’ve been eating for the past few weeks, it still doesn’t vary much..but I'm resisting that...trying to hang on to that ideal of trusting myself, I guess.

I KNOW I’m getting stronger (PRs everywhere), my shoulders are bigger, my upper body is lean (shoulders/upper back..hell my ribs are clear as day, but then there’s still that blob of gross at the abs…), I think my legs are leaner (& bigger!), I have three pair of size 4 pants that are in regular rotation in my wardrobe….but here I am at that *&!@% scale again :( I’m having a hard time reconciling gaining muscle sufficient enough to have shifted the scale like that…

See, I set 138 as a warning – a line in the sand – do not cross! How long ago was it that 138 was such a huge victory for me and now I loathe it and don’t feel particularly good about myself here at it.

What is WRONG with me?!

I could eat more? I could eat less? I don't know where to go with this, without having a solid idea of what I have been I want to go back to tracking though? That was borderline (or maybe it was) compulsive behavior...I don't want to invite that back in so quickly. "Wait and see" a little longer? The shoot is in 1 week, not a whole lot of time to wait...

Trying to get the head on here...reality and gut check...

GUT says I shouldn't/can't eat less and keep going like I am, it's not too much food doing this (then doubt jumps in and says - maybe it's because you just don't WANT to eat less).

REALITY says - you're stronger. You have a new line or maybe a "cut" starting to show on your back that wasn't there before, you did a few chin-ups and almost one pull-up for the first time today, you can see tendons in your wrist pop out (new!), and umm...3 pair of size 4 pants? WTF is the's JUST A NUMBER (then doubt jumps in and says - you're out of control, it's a downward spiral. First you cross 138, then 139...)

So I sit on it. This is what I've been doing - it's circular. Every night it goes round and round in my head and I sit here not knowing what to do and not trusting to recognize the right thing if it hit me in the head.

I also sit here now with the fear of being judged as not having anything to worry about, that my feelings on this are ridiculous or frivolous over 3 or 4 pounds. No NORMAL person freaks over 3 or 4 pounds after all. Ok so I'm not normal, so what. And my feelings here are valid, I have fear. Perhaps I shouldn't - I totally acknowledge that, but that does not, unfortunately, diminish the extent to which I feel it.

This too is a process I guess, with it's own ups and downs, highs and lows. RC posted a Daily Motivator today for Ms. T, "the journey is the reward." Hmmmm...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ego Out

Today was Squat day again. After last week, I felt really good about where my squats were at, so I wanted to see if that would hold if I went a little heavier. So I pulled out old cycle 1/wk 1 of 5-3-1 and went for 5 @ 140 and 150, and 5+ @ 160.

Mmm...not so much. I'm not even going to post them here, they're just not good. So ego out, gotta just really master and nail the form lighter...I think 140 is max for a while and I'll spend more of my time around 125 - 135 and progress it more slowly than 5-3-1 calls for.

Here's the whole workout:

5 x 140
5 x 150
5+ x 160 - 5
135 x 8

10 x 135, 165, 175

Here's the 175 set:

Hack Squats
10 x 130, 140, 150
15 x 90

Lying Leg Curls
10, 10, 8 @ 30

Inverted Leg Press
12 @ 150
2 x 10 @ 180

BB (same leg) Lunges
10/leg @ 85

BB (alt leg) Lunges
10/leg @ 75

Good Mornings
2 x 15 @ bar

Machine Hip Adductor
3 x 10 @ 160

DB Bench Step-ups
2 x 20/leg @ 20

Leg Extensions (Drop set)
95 x 13, 80 x 7, 65 x 6, 50 x 6, 35 x 5, 20 x 13

FB Hamstring Roll
2 x 20

Legs are changing, growing - definitely stronger even though I'm not seeing that translate yet to my squat.

Tomorrow is Chest/back/abs (bench) day again. Gotta figure out how to do the BB Floor presses at the power rack as Myles recommended, and will try to video the chin-ups. Chin-ups! Exciting :)

Getting Jack3d and Overdoing It

Got back from NC visit with Grams yesterday - we had a nice time. She's definitely lonely...she's got so much spirit but her body is definitely starting to give out on her. She's got severe pulmonary problems and a litany of other health conditions. She's on the O2 nearly constantly now - much more so than the last time I saw her. She told me she definitely needed "that spark of life" around her, that made me a little sad. But - we did have a good time and I heard LOTS of stories :)

Saturday I went to the little local Gold's Gym in the town she lives in. I needed to do my UB/Abs workout, and I had some cardio to get done too. I've been taking the pre-workout supplement Jack3d for a week or two now (I forget when I started taking it), and there are days that that stuff hits *juuuust right* and I feel unstoppable! Strong, focused, INTO it...and it makes me want MORE! Like I need that ;)

This day was one of those days. I felt incredibly strong and like I could go all day! I didn't even realize how MUCH this was until just now, looking at it here as I got ready to type. I do plan my workouts ahead of time, but I keep finding myself adding an extra set or an extra exercise...gotta knock that off or shit like this will come back to haunt me. I guess what I'm saying is, no one need count sets - I see it ;)

DB Chest Press
8 x 30, 6 x 35, 5 x 40, and 6/6/6/5 x 45 (last week was 5/5/4/4 - big increase, though still don't feel ready to go back to tackle those 50s again)

Conventional Deads
8 x 135, 160
3 x 6 @ 185
3 x 5 @ 205
BB Rows
1 x 15 @ 65

BB Overhead Press
12 x bar, 10 x 50, 8 x 55, 6 x 60, 5 x 65
DB Lateral Raises
2 x 12 @ 15

EZ Curl Triceps Ext 2 x 12 @ 30
BB Close Grip Press x 2 12 @ 65

DB Preacher Curls (2-hand hammer grip) 12 @ 45, 10 @ 50
BB Curls 2 x 10 @ bar

Hanging Knee Raises 2 x 15
Cable Rope Crunches 2 x 12 @ 110
Wtd Situps 2 x 15 @ 15
Bicycle Maneuver 1 x 60
Plank 1 @ 90secs

25 mins Elliptical

Felt great when i finished and held strong all day. That said, that evening, the migraine I'd been battling came back hard core and really knocked me down. I've got to get those dealt with...I called to try to make an appt with my Dr today.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

3's a Charm

Well ok maybe not so much. I trained today, did my usual friday workout today. I haven't trained 3 days in a row in a long time..maybe ever not sure :) I felt good this morning, and my legs felt recovered (I was surprised) from Tuesday so I thought I'd save myself a real headache of a morning tomorrow by getting it done today, and just taking off completely tomorrow.

I went in knowing I didn't need to be going crazy so I decided to just go for minimum required reps on Sumos, and then I figured the rest of the workout would be fine. It was - in fact I felt stronger as I worked through it :)

Definitely tired now though, fo' sho'!

Workout - 3/11

5 x 215
5 x 230
5+ x 240 (ok ok I did 6 :)

Front Squats
12 x 65

8 x 85

Good Mornings
2 x 12 @ Bar

Close Stance Squats
10 x 95, 125, 95
20 x 95

10, 10, 8 x 150

Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 70

BB (same leg) Lunges 10/leg @ 80
BB (alt leg) Lunges 10/leg @ 75

Standing Calf Raises 4 x 10 @ 150

Leg Extensions
18 x 90
7 (that's a drop!) x 75
6 x 60
6 x 45
5 x 30
4 x 15

FB Hamstring Rolls
2 x 20

Off to NC in the morning, Gold's on Saturday for UB/Abs + Cardio, off Sunday.
Probably won't make any updates until Monday!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pressed for Time (and the bar :)

Feeling really pressed for time tonight and through the end of the week. I had an interview (for my current job, not for anything new :P) tonight that went 90 minutes. It was awesome, but I feel like I'm running out of time. I've got work tomorrow of course, then a game tomorrow night. I've got a deadlift workout that I need to figure in between now and 6:30am Friday morning. I've got a plane to catch out of Fort Lauderdale at 8:25 on Friday morning, headed to North Carolina for the weekend.

Today was chest/back/abs day - focus of course on bench press. Since I'm feeling pressed for time, let's get right to it...

Bench Work Sets
5 x 80
5 x 85
5+ x 90 ... 14!

I got 14 reps (went for and failed on 15)..last time I did this weight, I got 13 but I had done only 3 for each of the earlier sets. Also, I had some issues (bad positioning on the bench, I suck, should have known with the first bump off the rack) hitting the hooks on the rack with the threw me off once or twice, and once REALLY badly towards the end. Anyway - PR! I'm happy with this result!! Moving on...

2 / 2 / 1

First rep on first two sets was good, second was probably a little questionable. Last "set" was probably pretty questionable as well. Will attempt to video next week. SUPER excited that I did ANY :)

BB Rows
8 x Bar
15 x 65
12 x 75
10 x 85
6 x 95 (wanted 8, cut it off at 6, form was going to shit)

15 x 65

Close Grip DB Floor Press
3 x 10 @ 25

Did these at the suggestion of Myles. Or at what I thought he said, but I guess he suggested BB Floor Presses with a regular grip ;) We were totally on the same page with that one, eh? Oh week :)

1-Arm Cable High Rows
10/arm @ 60, 4 x 10/arm @ 70

DB Incline Flys
2 x 12 @ 20

DB Pullovers
2 x 12 @ 35

Pushups SS w/Back Extensions (@ 25, 10, BW)
12 / 12, 12 / 12, 9 (fail!) / 15

Decline Oblique Situps
2 x 10/side

Leg Raises
2 x 10 w/6lb med ball

Rope Crunches
12 @ 110, 12 @ 120

Hanging Knee Raises
2 x 12 w/6lb med ball

Wtd Situps
2 x 12 @ 15 (10 + 5lb plates)

Vsit Twists
2 x 20 w/10lb med ball

Plank 1 x 90 secs

DONE! :)

Cardio tomorrow, and a nice walk to work after I drop my car back off at the garage.
Or maybe rest, and a nice walk to work after I drop my car back off at the garage. Will play by ear :)

On another note...wt hasn't come down like I'd like it, but I'm still hovering right at that 138 mark so I'm going with it. It's getting harder, I'd really rather be under that. But really if it were 137.8 would it be that different? JUST A NUMBER, it's not out of control. Still - fighting feeling that way. I'm determined to win this one!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Squatting More Solid

FABULOUS, just FABULOUS workout today. Really incredible, I think there are changes goin' on down there, feeling stronger for sure, feeling more confident too I think. High volume today, legs are gonna be SORE tomorrow! Squat weight is relatively light (mainly around 70% with some short excursions closer to 80%) so I'm not overly concerned that I'm doing too much in that department.

Without further blah blahing...

10 x bar
8 x 70
6 x 95
5 x 115
4 x 8 @ 125
(set 4, still too wide but not bad - 125 x 8)

1 x 8 @ 135

(last few reps bleh, but let's cut me some slack considering the previous 60+ squats - I think these are like head and shoulders above some others and they felt FANTASTIC - I felt strong and at ease with this stance, *slightly* more narrow, head up but not UP UP, and eyes forward.)

10 x 135, 165, 175(8)

Here's the the 165 set:

Hack Squats
10 x 120, 130, 140, 90

Lying Leg Curls 3 x 12 @ 20

BB (same leg) Lunges 1 x 10/leg @ 80
BB (alt leg) Lunges 1 x 20 @ 75

Good Mornings 1 x 15 @ bar

Standing Calves 4 x 8 @ 150

Machine Hip Adduction 3 x 12 @ 155

Leg Extensions (Drop! Ow!)
80 x 18
65 x 15
50 x 14
35 x 20
20 x 20

DB (same leg) Bench Step-ups 2 x 20/leg @ 20

Still feeling good, added a little extra protein earlier in the day and that seems to have done the trick. Little tired, but I'm fighting the dreaded TOM migraine so I think that's why. Bed soon, that should help the head.

Bench tomorrow - YEAH!

Monday, March 8, 2010

All Charged Up...

Well, the iPod and the video camera anyway :) I am too actually, I feel better about going into my squat workout tomorrow than I have in a long time. That comfort should go a long way for some solid sets, I'm thinking. Not sure if I'll share any of them or not, but I will record them and watch them OHverrrr and OHverrrr and OHverrrrr I'm sure hahah. One cue that will definitely be on my mind tomorrow is KNEEs! Knees OUT knees knees knees, knees! Kneed I say more? Ohhhhh so sorry on that one ;)

Anyway - today I felt great again, thought maybe I would need a rest day but felt solid when i woke up, so gym it was - cardio only today.

Updates Tues!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trust...Not Just a Fair Weather Friend

So this week, I saw my weight bump up a bit, and I'm not entirely sure why. Didn't really change anything in terms of how or what I was eating. I did eat out with coworkers once (and was up the following day), but I ate nothing even remotely "off," and I didn't even have a cheat meal this week (hah maybe that's why!). There was also quite a bit of stuff going on this week with work, stressy stuff...I KNOW that can play a role, as much as I'd like to deny it, so there's that to consider as well.

But anyway, for the first time in...I dunno, I think since just after New Years Day, it bumped up over fact, it didn't even just eeek over the edge, it jumped all the way up to 139.4. I don't even like TYPING that number, it makes me very uncomfortable, gah. Thursday was 138.2, the 139.4 was Friday. This morning it was 138.6, so we're dropping...I'll feel better under 138 but I'll take the slow drop - it'll get there. Plus it's dropping despite TOM starting maybe it was just hormonal :)

Seeing that caused *a lot* of doubt in me, and nearly turned me running straight for my dear nutrition tracking program! I didn't even open it, but I thought about it a lot...flirted with the little icon on my computer even ;) But I held out, took LOTS of deep breaths, stayed the course, and here we are today...slooooow-llyyyyy coming back down.

I'm glad I held out, the lesson that lies within, I think: Trust..she can't only be a fair weather friend. Can't only trust myself when things are smooth sailing, that's when it's easy (ish ;)!

Ok so...on to training this week! I spent some time with this decision today, but I just decided that I'm not going to take the deload this week that I'm scheduled for. My schedule is looking insane towards the end of the month, with travel scheduled back to NYC (where it's surprisingly ridiculously hard to find a PLACE to get my training) for 4 days, followed immediately by another week back in VA with Dad. I read an article on EliteFTS about getting your deload on a few weeks ago that said as long as you DO it, and the number of deload sessions is consistent with the approximate amount of time you were training, then it's good. For may only need 2 or 3 deload sessions before resuming normal training if you do it every 4 weeks or so, whereas you may need 4 or 5 if you only deload once every 8 weeks. So I think I'm going to hold out and move the deload out to the last week in March to better handle this little confounder, and I think it should be just fine. I can resume training in VA the following week with little difficulty (aside from all my gear, gah ;)

Finally - I think I'm changing the name of my blog fact I think I'll implement that change when I'm done with this here posty. But *someone* made a suggestion that I really dig, so I'm going to go ahead and take it. And speaking of *someone,* Mr. RC officially started his show prep today :) Really looking forward to watching that unfold over the next several months...all good things ahead :)

Felt Good and Ran With It!


I had some *amazing* sleep last night, just wonderful, solid sleep - and plenty of it! I woke up feeling equally amazing, and it was a beautiful morning - bright blue sky and sunshine. I checked the weather...that's the forecast for the whole day, and finally some warmth coming back to this state! YES!

The urge to run came over me...I haven't felt that in a long, LONG time. Given the gorgeous day ahead, I was tempted to lace up the shoes and head out the door. But it's been a long time since I've run, and outside gives me more opportunity to push myself, cuz who knows where I'd end up ;)

So today was a planned off day, but I think as much as I need to listen to myself and NOT workout when I feel the need to rest, I need to honor the desire to do so when I'm feeling great. Laced up the shoes and hit the gym :)

Got a nice dynamic warm-up in, a little stretching after that, then hopped on the treadmill. Started with a moderate walk, then a brisk walk, then a nice slow jog, and then a full on run. It felt *fantastic* All in all I went 2 miles in 21 mins and then slowed it on down for another 3 or 4 minutes, then switched over to the elliptical for another 15 mins or so. Finished my time at the gym with a nice long, full body stretching session. Wrapped everything up with a little walk across the way to Starbucks and grabbed a coffee to go. Delicious morning, all around :)

I was surprised how great the run felt, I expected to feel jarring in my lower back immediately, I expected the knees to yell...knees never yelled. I started to feel the jarring at about 19 minutes, but being so close to 2 miles I did push on through that ;) Tomorrow will probably tell more, but right now I'm just feeling super invigorated.

Later, there will be some sunshine shinin' down on this body :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Silent Squatter

Gonna go kinda quiet on the squats for a while. In watching video after video over and over again, I think what I see is that my form is good to start and as I progress to heavier sets, it begins to decline. As the weight gets heavier, I start to do weird shit to compensate for the strength just not being where it should be...which works for a while, until it gets REALLY heavy, and then I just fail. Given where I started, I think his makes some sense. I'd been afraid for a long time to *really* work my lower body due to a number of knee injuries/issues over the years, most stemming from being so overweight for so long. I was afraid to squat, lunge, etc even just body weight. I only just *learned* to back squat a little over a year ago. The fear, probably unfounded, but true nevertheless. So I'm going to continue to squat, progress the weight a bit more slowly than I have been, and continue to work my legs hard - strengthening quads, adductors, hammies, glutes, calves. Also, I'll continue with the ab work I've been doing, and maybe hit'em a second time each week.

I felt great again today - ton of energy to power through my workout, really focused.

DB Chest Press
8 x 30
6 x 35
6 x 40
5, 5, 4, 4 @ 45

BB Rows
4 x 15 @ 65

BB Overhead Press
12 x bar
10 x 50
8 x 55
6 x 60

DB Lateral Raises 2 x 12 @ 15
EZ Curl Lying Triceps Ext 4 x 10 @ 30
Cable Reverse Grip Tricep Pressdowns 2 x 12 @ 60
DB Preacher Curls 2 x 12 @ 20
DB Incline Curls 2 x 8 @ 15
Wtd Situps 2 x 20 @ 10
Bicycle 1 x 50 (25/side)
Leg Raises 1 x 20
Plank 1 x 75 secs

SS Cardio - 30 mins

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sumos in So Cold SoFla

Sooo...I know nearly everyone reading this will laugh and remind me just have good I have it, but lemme just say that 37 degrees plus high humidity at 4:45am is NOT a good time. Freaking freezing! Full ninja gear once again donned for the gym this morning...really this cold spell has GOT to end. I don't live 'up there' anymore, yo!

Today was week 3 of 5-3-1, so the heaviest week of the cycle before the deload and increasing the training max for the next cycle.

For sumos that worked out as follows:

5 x 210 (Pretty!)

3 x 235

1+ x 265 (Ugly!)

On my 1+ set I got 7 reps. I'm a bit disappointed, I have to say, since that's where I maxed on that months ago (first week in December) - no PR. That said, guess you can't have a PR every time ;) I just got spoiled - this program sets you UP breaking training PRs frequently. What would be interesting is comparing the two - how they looked...I'm going to go dig through and see if I can find it....

Hahah..well it looks about the same I think. Not pretty, that's for sure ;)

Rest of workout...

10 x 125, 105, 95, 95

Good Mornings 2 x 12 @ bar

SGDLs 3 x 10 @ 135

Plie Squats 3 x 12 @ 75

BB (Alternating Leg) Lunges 2 x 10/leg @ 85, 75

Standing Calf Raises 135 x 10, 10, 10, 8

Leg Extensions
20 x 75
21 x 50
15 x 35
25 x 25

FB Hamstring Roll Things (no idea what these are called ;)
2 x 20

Back Extensions 15 @ 25, 10

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ooohh Soreness, Good Morning to You!

The sore from squats on Tuesday settled in overnight, even sore/tender to the touch. Lily walked over my leg this morning when the alarm went off and her little paw was like a jab from a big iron stick or something. Ow ;) Reset the alarm until a little before 6am (mmm....8 hours sleep!) and decided that "cardio" will come from the walk between the garage where I'm dropping my car off to be fixed, and work. Just some movement really. Softball tonight, hopefully I'll be able to move ;) I think once I GET moving it'll feel better, the walk should help!

Yesterday the compiled clip of lifts from the Raw Unity Meet arrived, nice and clear yay :) Here it is:

Disregard the "Meet Record" mentions by the announcer during the deadlifts at the end, he lied ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bench Day - No Clever Title, Deal ;)

Last night when i finally slowed down and sat down, I started to crash pretty hard. Just a big wave of *the tired* hit. Slept pretty well and woke up feeling good, so I hit the gym for Chest/Back/Abs day...which felt great! I had a fantastic workout...but on my way home ... the tired wave crashed over me again. Ate, felt a little better..and then there was work. Not really gonna go there, here, but...will leave it at "a trying day" - it just sort of pulled anything/everything I had left, ugh :P

Right about now I'm FREEZING, and plonked out on the sofa with a big fuzzy warm cuddly blanket (thanks Bran :) and watching bad American Idol. Tomorrow is planned as cardio only, plus Softball tomorrow night after work. Can't bail on softball, so a really long day ahead, need to listen to me *carefully* in the morning...

On THAT note...tomorrow is a NEW day and I can look forward to starting it out that way and feeling rested and GOOD. That's how we roll 'round these here parts ;)

Here's how we were rollin' through the workout this morning...

Bench warmups then Week 3 of 5-3-1...
5 x 75
3 x 85
1+ x 95 ... 11 :)

I tried the sort of 'compromise grip,' identified as a possible winner last week :) Mid-palm on rings. I think this is a pretty good spot...a little wobbly at first but I settled into it and felt stable and strong as I worked through the set. Happy with the results, and absolutely a PR with that weight...former PR was for 9.

Also tried the new Rogues with Bench...I wore them for the first 2 short little sets but was NOT digging it, so changed back to sneakers for the long set. I'll try them out a few more times, may just be a matter of getting used to it, but today I wasn't feeling it there at all.!

BB Rows: 15 x 65, 12 x 75, 10 x 85, 8 x 95

BB Incline Press: 65 x 12, 12, 10, 10

Supine Pullups: 3 x 6

Freemotion Standing Cable Flys: 15 x 15, 9 x 20

DB Pullovers: 35 x 12, 11 30 x 12, 12

Push-ups SS w/ Back Extensions x 3
12 / 15 @ 25
9 / 15 @ 10
- / 15 @ BW

Hanging Knee Raises (w/4lb ball) SS w/ Cable Crunches (110lbs) x 2
12 / 12
12 / 12

V-Sit Med Ball Twists (w/10lb ball) SS w/ Wtd Crunches (25lb plate) x 2
30 / 30
30 / 30

FB Roll-ins 2 x 12

Bicycle Maneuver 1 x 60 (30/side)

Plank 1 x 75 secs

20 mins SS Cardio (no HIIT today)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Rogue Squatting

So with the new shoes, I wanted to try EVERYTHING all over again - experiment city :) First I'll just put the workout down and the vids, then tawwwk about it!

10 x bar
6 x 70
3 x 95
5 x 125 -(head up/chin up)
5 x 125 -(eyes down)

5 x 135 -(eyes down)

5 x 145 -(head up/chin up)

15 x 125 -(close stance, neutral head/chin, eyes downish)

10 x 135
10 x 165
6 x 185 (blah!)
10 x 135

Hack Squats 10 x 110, 120, 130, 90

Lying Leg Curls (the jacked up way) 10, 10, 8, 8 @ 20

DB Walking Lunges 1 x 30 steps @ 25

Free Motion Calves - 15, 15, 12, 12 @ 120

DB Walking Lunges 1 x 30 steps @ 25

Good Mornings 2 x 12 @ bar

Leg Extensions 2 x 15 @ 70

Hip Adduction 2 x 12 @ 155, 12 @ 145

DB Bench Step-ups (same side leg) 30/leg @ 20lbs, 20/leg @ 20lbs

Power Step-ups @ BW - 2 minutes

Squattage review :)
I thought both sets of 5 x 125 looked pretty good.
I thought 135 looked pretty damn good too, except last rep.
I thought 145 looked looked good as far as the knees staying forward, but neigher the shoes nor the head up/chin-up/attempt at chest up helped with keeping my chest UP...still pancaking, gah.

On the other hand, at least we know that the pancaking and the knees thing are unrelated. One step at a time?

I think the head up position just feels better so I'm going to continue to roll with it (no more experimentation), and work on staying totally focused...plant myself in position, focus, squat. I seem to look around a lot ;) Wandering eyes? hmmmm....

Great workout, felt really accomplished when I was done, and like I've been really getting some good work on my quads, I think they growed ;) Pretty wiped out tonight though...early to bed I think!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Hah! So exciting :)

My new shoes came today, just in time for squat day tomorrow! They are so nerdy and cute at the same time...rogue = vogue? ;) hahah...ok ready for the full-on fabulousness of this purchase??

From 2010-03-01

I laced them up and tried them on and they fit perfectly. And WOW were they stable?! Awesome feel, I'm really excited to try them out tomorrow.

Updates tomorrow!