Sunday, March 7, 2010

Trust...Not Just a Fair Weather Friend

So this week, I saw my weight bump up a bit, and I'm not entirely sure why. Didn't really change anything in terms of how or what I was eating. I did eat out with coworkers once (and was up the following day), but I ate nothing even remotely "off," and I didn't even have a cheat meal this week (hah maybe that's why!). There was also quite a bit of stuff going on this week with work, stressy stuff...I KNOW that can play a role, as much as I'd like to deny it, so there's that to consider as well.

But anyway, for the first time in...I dunno, I think since just after New Years Day, it bumped up over fact, it didn't even just eeek over the edge, it jumped all the way up to 139.4. I don't even like TYPING that number, it makes me very uncomfortable, gah. Thursday was 138.2, the 139.4 was Friday. This morning it was 138.6, so we're dropping...I'll feel better under 138 but I'll take the slow drop - it'll get there. Plus it's dropping despite TOM starting maybe it was just hormonal :)

Seeing that caused *a lot* of doubt in me, and nearly turned me running straight for my dear nutrition tracking program! I didn't even open it, but I thought about it a lot...flirted with the little icon on my computer even ;) But I held out, took LOTS of deep breaths, stayed the course, and here we are today...slooooow-llyyyyy coming back down.

I'm glad I held out, the lesson that lies within, I think: Trust..she can't only be a fair weather friend. Can't only trust myself when things are smooth sailing, that's when it's easy (ish ;)!

Ok so...on to training this week! I spent some time with this decision today, but I just decided that I'm not going to take the deload this week that I'm scheduled for. My schedule is looking insane towards the end of the month, with travel scheduled back to NYC (where it's surprisingly ridiculously hard to find a PLACE to get my training) for 4 days, followed immediately by another week back in VA with Dad. I read an article on EliteFTS about getting your deload on a few weeks ago that said as long as you DO it, and the number of deload sessions is consistent with the approximate amount of time you were training, then it's good. For may only need 2 or 3 deload sessions before resuming normal training if you do it every 4 weeks or so, whereas you may need 4 or 5 if you only deload once every 8 weeks. So I think I'm going to hold out and move the deload out to the last week in March to better handle this little confounder, and I think it should be just fine. I can resume training in VA the following week with little difficulty (aside from all my gear, gah ;)

Finally - I think I'm changing the name of my blog fact I think I'll implement that change when I'm done with this here posty. But *someone* made a suggestion that I really dig, so I'm going to go ahead and take it. And speaking of *someone,* Mr. RC officially started his show prep today :) Really looking forward to watching that unfold over the next several months...all good things ahead :)

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