Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pressed for Time (and the bar :)

Feeling really pressed for time tonight and through the end of the week. I had an interview (for my current job, not for anything new :P) tonight that went 90 minutes. It was awesome, but I feel like I'm running out of time. I've got work tomorrow of course, then a game tomorrow night. I've got a deadlift workout that I need to figure in between now and 6:30am Friday morning. I've got a plane to catch out of Fort Lauderdale at 8:25 on Friday morning, headed to North Carolina for the weekend.

Today was chest/back/abs day - focus of course on bench press. Since I'm feeling pressed for time, let's get right to it...

Bench Work Sets
5 x 80
5 x 85
5+ x 90 ... 14!

I got 14 reps (went for and failed on 15)..last time I did this weight, I got 13 but I had done only 3 for each of the earlier sets. Also, I had some issues (bad positioning on the bench, I suck, should have known with the first bump off the rack) hitting the hooks on the rack with the threw me off once or twice, and once REALLY badly towards the end. Anyway - PR! I'm happy with this result!! Moving on...

2 / 2 / 1

First rep on first two sets was good, second was probably a little questionable. Last "set" was probably pretty questionable as well. Will attempt to video next week. SUPER excited that I did ANY :)

BB Rows
8 x Bar
15 x 65
12 x 75
10 x 85
6 x 95 (wanted 8, cut it off at 6, form was going to shit)

15 x 65

Close Grip DB Floor Press
3 x 10 @ 25

Did these at the suggestion of Myles. Or at what I thought he said, but I guess he suggested BB Floor Presses with a regular grip ;) We were totally on the same page with that one, eh? Oh week :)

1-Arm Cable High Rows
10/arm @ 60, 4 x 10/arm @ 70

DB Incline Flys
2 x 12 @ 20

DB Pullovers
2 x 12 @ 35

Pushups SS w/Back Extensions (@ 25, 10, BW)
12 / 12, 12 / 12, 9 (fail!) / 15

Decline Oblique Situps
2 x 10/side

Leg Raises
2 x 10 w/6lb med ball

Rope Crunches
12 @ 110, 12 @ 120

Hanging Knee Raises
2 x 12 w/6lb med ball

Wtd Situps
2 x 12 @ 15 (10 + 5lb plates)

Vsit Twists
2 x 20 w/10lb med ball

Plank 1 x 90 secs

DONE! :)

Cardio tomorrow, and a nice walk to work after I drop my car back off at the garage.
Or maybe rest, and a nice walk to work after I drop my car back off at the garage. Will play by ear :)

On another note...wt hasn't come down like I'd like it, but I'm still hovering right at that 138 mark so I'm going with it. It's getting harder, I'd really rather be under that. But really if it were 137.8 would it be that different? JUST A NUMBER, it's not out of control. Still - fighting feeling that way. I'm determined to win this one!

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