Monday, March 22, 2010

Cathy Gets SQUAT!


I learned to squat today! HAH! It's only been over a year, right?! That's a normal learning curve?! ;)

No SERIOUSLY, started out today and something just *clicked,* a light bulb went off, it was incredible! I KNEW it flipped, I was squatting and thinking, YES I'm GETTING THIS!

Sorry to totally inundate with vids but you have no idea how excited I am :)

135 x 8

something's starting to click, but not quite there yet...

140 x 8

*a-ha* this feels right!

145 x 8 (or maybe 7?)

yes! I think I'm getting it!

150 x 10 (pr! and HUGE at that because previous 150 was 9 and only after 2 sets of 5 :)

Here's former 150 PR for comparison...actually I lied, I can't find the vid of 150 x 9 (I think it went up on google web albums and is gone now) but here's a few weeks before that one, 150 x 8...

Yeah! Do you see the difference?! That set of 8 is TERRIBLE ugh! The difference is huge - not only do I see it, but I felt it! It's *happy*

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  1. Good Job!! Keep up the good work. Justin