Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bench, and I'm Off (again)!

Today was Chest/Back/Abs...my lower back was actually pretty sore yesterday throughout the day after squats, so I decided to stick with a focus on upper back this morning, that worked out well :)

Here's a looksie at today:
5 x 80, 3 x 90, 9 x 100
(former PR with 100 = 7 reps, woot)

Almost 3 :)

BB Floor Press
90 x 10, 8, 8

Set 2:

1-Arm Cable High Rows
80 x 10, 10, 10

DB Incline Flys
3 x 10 @ 25

Cable Lat Pulldown
3 x 8 @ 85

Hammer Incline Press
90 x 8, 6

Back Extensions (nice and light)
3 x 10 @ 10

3 x 12

Reverse Trunk Twists
2 x 8/side

Decline Situps
1 x 15

Leg Raises
2 x 10 @ 4lb ball

Wtd Sit-ups
2 x 12 @ 20 (two 10lb plates :)

Plank @ 90secs

Rope Crunches
2 x 15 @ 120

20 mins Cardio

I'm off to NYC again tomorrow - Saturday this week with a jam packed schedule aside from Friday night (yay! :). This is for an article in Good Housekeeping Magazine, woot! Nervous, and struggling with the weight, but..it's here now, there's not a lot I can do except stay the course! Meeting Brandi there, it's been WAY too long (almost a year), and I am so looking forward to some GF time!

Saturday I leave NYC and head to DC where mom will pick me up on Saturday night. I spend Saturday the 27th through Saturday April 3rd (day before Easter) back in VA. Dad is having his hip surgery again on Thursday this week, so I'm going to be working from home again there next week, and trying to help him there that first, critical week. The good thing about THIS time is that he won't need the IV treatments, and they will want him up and moving and rehabbing as quickly as possible.

Today I shipped a bunch of supplements, my weight belt, and my lifting shoes HOME, so they'll be there for me next week and I don't have to lug them around NYC or pay to check luggage (cheaper to mail anyway).

Workout plan this week:
Sunday - 30cardio
Monday - Legs (Squat)
Tuesday - Chest/Back/Abs (Bench) + 20 cardio
Wednesday - if legs are recovered enough, legs (deads - but deload/light weight. If not recovered, just cardio (feeling fine as I post this).
Thursday/Friday/Saturday - rest, only walking the city

I'm due for some deloading, so this works out well and I planned it out this way a few weeks ago when I knew I was going to NYC - ridiculous to find a gym with a day pass there for any reasonable $$.

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