Monday, March 8, 2010

All Charged Up...

Well, the iPod and the video camera anyway :) I am too actually, I feel better about going into my squat workout tomorrow than I have in a long time. That comfort should go a long way for some solid sets, I'm thinking. Not sure if I'll share any of them or not, but I will record them and watch them OHverrrr and OHverrrr and OHverrrrr I'm sure hahah. One cue that will definitely be on my mind tomorrow is KNEEs! Knees OUT knees knees knees, knees! Kneed I say more? Ohhhhh so sorry on that one ;)

Anyway - today I felt great again, thought maybe I would need a rest day but felt solid when i woke up, so gym it was - cardio only today.

Updates Tues!

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