Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ooohh Soreness, Good Morning to You!

The sore from squats on Tuesday settled in overnight, even sore/tender to the touch. Lily walked over my leg this morning when the alarm went off and her little paw was like a jab from a big iron stick or something. Ow ;) Reset the alarm until a little before 6am (mmm....8 hours sleep!) and decided that "cardio" will come from the walk between the garage where I'm dropping my car off to be fixed, and work. Just some movement really. Softball tonight, hopefully I'll be able to move ;) I think once I GET moving it'll feel better, the walk should help!

Yesterday the compiled clip of lifts from the Raw Unity Meet arrived, nice and clear yay :) Here it is:

Disregard the "Meet Record" mentions by the announcer during the deadlifts at the end, he lied ;)

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