Sunday, March 28, 2010

Operation Pull-ups: Days 8 & 9 and Everything in Between

Day 8 was from last Wednesday, I tried a different grip that day to try to give my shoulders a break. Easier this way, so I got one more:

I went off to NYC on Wednesday after my workout and had 3 full days of rest - no workouts, just a little walking around the city. Definitely was in need of some rest, and I expected to be stronger on my return today than I was. A little disappointing. Training vids and pull-up vids in general this week will be from VA - this is my dad's gym, where I get yelled at for "dropping or slamming weights" when I set the bar on the floor. The rest of my week this week will be from Anytime Fitness (open 24/7).

Day 9 (after 3 days of rest):

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