Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Countdown is ON

So here we are...just under 5 weeks out from my next meet - my anticipation of the meet is definitely building, I'm getting really pumped up and excited for it. Had a little bit of a scare earlier this week when I thought I was going to have to be in Portland, OR for work leading up to the meet, but thankfully that craziness has been delayed until after the meet :)

Tomorrow I go back to 5-3-1, and I go back for all lifts, including Squats. I've had a full week off and I'm ready to hit it again hard, yeah!! I've got 3 weeks of heavier loads, a week of deload, and a week off - that's it!

This meet is also going to be filmed for a show on Xtreme Power TV and shown live on the day of the meet :)

I'm going back to a structured schedule for workouts, meaning specific days for each's just easier. I'm still going to give myself some freedom with the rest of my workouts (assistance exercises), but it's just easier for me to stick with the program to have set days. With that, I'm also going to swap deads with squats, so my last heavy deads are Monday May 31...that gives me almost 3 weeks for max recovery time. That last deadlift day I'll be chasing 300 for reps. Umm...300 for reps! WTF! hahah...exciting!! :)

I've had a bunch of time off from Pull-Ups too, hopefully I can go kill 6 reps right out of the gates, hahah..that's the plan :) We'll see!

Training updates, meet anticipation, weight and nutritional meanderings to recommence....stay tuned :)

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