Sunday, May 30, 2010

Training Catch-up and Lead into Last Week!

There's really a lot to say about my training last week, I've had a lot of nutritional and hormonal issues to fight with. The best thing I can say was that I gave it all I had, and I'm hoping that things on both fronts are improving even as I type.

Part of that kept me from updating here, but mostly just non-stop work last week kept me away, I just didnt have a chance to get in here with my updates. That said - training went on! I'm off now, I took some vacation days because I just needed to get away. So after a few days away from the computer, I felt like I could get back here again.

Here's a quick recap of last week:

I finally got my deads from last monday to 285 x 5, fail on 6th attempt.

For bench I did my required sets/reps:
3x 95
3 x 100
3+ x 110

I only did the 3 at 110, then I did paused singles at 110 and 115. Here's 115:

3 x 150
3 x 160
3+ x 165

I got 8 on my 165 set, but I received some unsolicited assistance on one of the reps in the middle of my set. I realize they look hard, and it's cool if you want to come over and stand-by just in case, but don't TOUCH without an invite. I didn't ask the guy to spot me, he just inserted himself into the middle of my set. I thanked him when I was done, for his concern on my behalf, but seriously...

Today I'm fighting a bit of a migraine, but I'm hopeful for tomorrow that it will be gone. Next week is my last week of training for the June 19 meet! It's all I've got. Tomorrow is deads, and my program calls for 5 @ 235, 3 @ 270, and my 1+ set at 300lbs! My goal is 4, but I'll know if that's not happening. I won't push too hard...we're too close to risk total CNS destruction and/or injury!

For Bench...1+ for 115.

Squats come on Thursday or Friday this week and my 1+ set comes at 175. I think my current PR for reps at that weight is 3, so anything over that is gravy IMO. Thursday would be better for more total recovery but if I'm not recovered from the other workouts it won't be strong, either.

So here we go...less than 3 weeks to go - bring it on!

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