Thursday, May 6, 2010

Squat Practice Paying Off...I Think :)

For weeks now I've ignored my 5-3-1 training protocol and have just been busting ass with VOLUME for squats. The thought being that I need to imprint the movement, make the the muscles remember themselves how to squat correctly, without me having to constantly baby step myself through every movement in the lift.

So literally I've KILLED myself with reps with moderate weight the past several weeks. Today I returned...I'm in my 1+ week of the training cycle and decided to go with the set/rep scheme I'd be doing if I was following the plan.

Warmups, then 5 x 130, 3 x 150, 1+ x 165

Former best was 160 x 7 and today was... *drumroll* 165 x 8 :)
More weight AND more reps, woot!

Here are all 3 sets:

130 x 5 (which apparently turned out to be 4, hahah ;)

150 x 3

The finale..165 x 8 :)

The goal was every rep every time, no GM'ing out of the hole and with the exception of 2 reps across all 3 sets I think I did :) now granted it's only a total of 16 reps but still! Huge improvement...paying off, so excited for June! :)

Next week is deload, and when I come back from that I'll be on 5-3-1 for a full cycle with squats, and we'll really see how this has worked!

I also did Rack Pulls again, from a platform this time for better bar positioning. I did 2 sets convential style and the last set Sumo style thinking I'd have more specificity, but reading a response I got from Myles earlier has me thinking on that some more...

Here's the 3rd set (Sumo Style):

More to come on diet/weight woes and wins but right now I'm off to softball..possibly 2 games tonight. Could be a late night...!

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