Monday, May 3, 2010

Operation Pull-Ups: The Finale

Well, the finale wasn't as Grande as I'd hoped! Here's today's Go For the Goal...6 pushups!

I said I wouldn't be disappointed if I didn't make 6, but truth be told, I am a *little* disappointed :)

I did do better than this, this was not my best performance. THAT would be this day...Day 23:

So...Operation Pull-Ups is not over by any means, but my daily chronicalling of this journey will be taking a little break. As the (very correct) commentor said - more sets and some negatives will help. I plan to continue to "max" on unassisted sets as I've been doing, try to incorporate some negatives, and go and do a few sets on the assisted machine.

When I get 6 solid, Ahhh'll beee baaahhhck! ;)

I'm a huge dork, thanks for playing along!

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