Monday, May 31, 2010

Deads Wrap-Up

I think the time off coupled with some very small tweaks in my diet really made the difference today. I had THE BEST workout today..haven't felt that good in AGES, and what a day to be "on!" I'm in the last week of my last training cycle of 5-3-1 for the June 19 meet, and today was Deads!

235 x 5
270 x 3
300 x 1+ ..... *drum roll* ...


BAM! YEAH! OMG, and I TOTALLY cried hahah. I couldn't stop either LOL. I blame totally F'd hormones + crazy endorphin rush = psyyyyyychoooo! ;)

It was just an incredible moment, awesome way to wrap it up..I mean 303 for 1 was the PR in January, so to end training with 300 x 4...

The rest of the plan..

Tomorrow (Tues) - bench
Wednesday - cardio
Thursday - squat
Friday - cardio

Next week is deload, then some nice rest heading into the meet.
Still planning attempts...I think a lot will depend on what I decide for squats, which I'm not quite ready to decide yet, though again I have some numbers in mine.

More soon!

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