Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CrossFit - Awww Yeahhh

Wow, I absolutely had a blast! Gotta give a HUGE shout out to Susan for getting me to go and try this! Plus it was just awesome to have her there to help orient and step me through, encourage and motivate! And totally embarrass, but that's a different story, and I'll totally live ;)

Lemme break down how it went, and then I have lots to say I think :)

Lots of dynamic stretches and some warm-up body weight only exercises (15 pushups, 15 situps, 25 jumping jacks, 5 burpees w/chest to ground). Totally a solid warm-up, no lameness here :)

So Lance, the owner/instructor - walked around and made sure everyone knew how to perform the movements, had the right setup with their bars/boxes etc, and knew how it was going to work (I was the only first-timer but he checked in on everyone)

We all lined up outside, he counted it down and said GO!

Then it was 4 rounds of the following:

- 400 meter run (I think this is 1/4 mile?)
- 20 box jumps
- 20 sumo deadlifts/high pulls

I guess the idea is to do it for time, and you're vaguely competing with the other folks in your class. But you do your thing and go until you are done!

The fastest guy finished all this in something like 15:45
I finished I think with 21:25

1st two rounds went quickly and relatively painlessly...the third round I started to slow down and the 4th round by the time I got to those damn sumo/high pulls I was *done* Hahah...

When you're done, you yell TIME! And your time is recorded. I would think that each time you go you try to beat your time, but I don't know how often that same workout is repeated so it might be tough to compare day-to-day.

I was SUPER nervous about the Box Jumps because I envisioned totally tripping on my face and my chin winding up on the edge of the box, but everything is modifiable and is adjusted to your skill level as needed (or in the case of these box jumps, I think for both Susan and myself - our confidence levels!).

I was also a little nervous about the sumo/high pull thing but more so because I just did really heavy deads on Sunday. The sumos were fine (super light @ 65lbs and the reps, had they been sumos alone, would have been no problem), it was the high pulls that were killer for me, wow. Traps are *screaming* right about now LOL, I live in fear of the soreness tomorrow ;)

WHY did I love it?!

I loved the FREEDOM it gave me - first off, hellooo I was done in 20 minutes?! That's insane! Susan said it would be fast, and she said on her first day she was worried she'd have to find time later in the day to go off to the gym and do more cardio or something, but she learned very quickly that was NOT the case. I did too - I absolutely felt no need to do any more workout today ;)

Freedom too from *planning* I didn't have to sit down and think through and plan out any workout last night. That felt awesome...I was not responsible for myself today (as far as that, I mean hahah :) and I loved it :)

Freedom from having to find my own motivation and energy! WOW I'm way more competitive than I thought in that type of environment. Funny, because when I compete I really am able to stay focused and compete only with myself. But in this setting,I wanted to WIN! I wanted to beat a man! I wanted to be faster than the other women! I was SURPRISED! Hah - but it kept me motivated and energized even when I was pooped :) AND - Lance, the instructor/owner - he was just awesome at encouraging you, pushing you...I've never worked with a trainer in person, I only had a training partner (Myles :) for a short time and only once a week...I've always been the coach to myself, and responsible for pushing myself and finding my own motivation, and today I didn't have to. That rocked :)

I loved the setting - just a big warehouse/garage with doors that opened outside. We did the run outside and sweated like pigs in the heat of the building but the breeze would blow in and MAN when I would leave the room for the run outside it was gorgeous...just loved having that sort of openness in the environment around me.

People were ALL super friendly and INTO it - they were there to work out and work hard! No futzing :) Rockin!

I'm trying to work it into my schedule that I can go back this Thursday, and *possibly* Saturday before going back to my regular training for the meet. I told Lance that I would like to come back after the meet - I think I could really dig this for a while, and I can definitely use the change for a few weeks post meet. He was totally cool with that :) I'm excited, and looking forward to it actually! Something different everyday, and all that freedom and change from the heavy lifting and boring ass *cardio* ugh!

Can't wait to go back - I find myself checking the website TONIGHT looking for the workout tomorrow even though I know I'm not going back until (at the earliest) Thursday! Hah!

Training for PL or BB or Figure - this isn't going to do it, but general fitness and health and well-being - TOTALLY PERFECT. Fast, intense, complete - solid instruction, motivation - everything you need rolled up in one? Hellz yeah - Bring it on!! :)

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  1. AWESOME! I've been reading up here and there on this and it sounds like something I'd enjoy too! I found it interesting you pointing out that you had never had a trainer and you found you liked that. I think for the very reasons you said, it's nice to know someone else is in charge. You don't have to THINK! Too much anyway. ;) It's like it's time your time to take a break from your mind! I KNOW you know what I'm talking about!

    I'm glad you enjoyed it. Too bad you didn't have video! I'd love to have seen that! Awesome, fun, competitive training! Can't beat it!