Friday, May 21, 2010

Shoulder or Squat?

Not sure where to start here, it's been an interesting day.

I woke up feeling fantastic and back to normal energy levels, so i went to the gym with my squat training plan in hand.

The plan for the day:

5 x 140
5 x 150
5+ x 160 .... 10!

Big training PR on that one, previous best was only 7. Early reps in the set I think were solid...deteriorated toward the end. BUT, I think the practice and focus on form has afforded me more quality reps, which doesn't zap my strength quite as early on in these sets. Rep 8 was particularly ugly, 9 a little questionable and 10 really not so good, but those wouldn't have been possible at all without all the focus I've been placing on driving my hips, keeping my knees out so as to not gm (at least, as much) out of the hole. Here's that last set, I'm pleased :)

10 @ 135, 165
8 @ 185

Hack Squats
10 @ 145, 155, 165, 90

Leg Press
2 x 10 @ 270

BB Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

Standing Calf Raises
4 x 12 @ 150

Seated Curls
2 x 10 @ 95

Leg Extensions
2 x 10 @ 110

20 mins Elliptical

After some time passed on the elliptical, I started noticing an ache in my right shoulder. UGH, wtf?! I didn't touch my shoulders today...OK OK they're in an awkwardly rotated position holding the bar, but...really?! I pretended it wasn't there.

Couldn't really do that for long, it's achey - there I said it. I have full ROM, and it doesn't hurt more or less with movement, it just sort of aches. I biofreezed a few times at work (no ice), and took some advil. I'm icing now and trying to keep it rested. NO UB workout for me this weekend, that's for sure. Tomorrow or Sunday depending on how it feels, I'll go ahead and start some light therapeutic rotator exercises for it. I should be doing them anyway...

And the OTHER shoulder...the left one. What a nightmare! I was going crazy:

Seriously? 6 hours of this today (thank GOD it finally subsided)! There's like a fucking alien in there, do you see that?!

Anyway...I don't think I injured my right shoulder...not with full ROM like I have, maybe just a little strain. If I DID do something, I have no idea how or what or when I did it. Rest, Ice,'ll be fine, has to be!


  1. Are those those small twitch muscles we hear about? :-P

  2. LOL no..apparently not "slow twitch" either, at that rate ;)