Thursday, April 29, 2010

Internet Incompetence! Training Catch-up!

GAHHH the internet woes continue. I have it, but it is sporadic and SLOOOOOWWWWW as balls. If balls can be slow ;)

Anyway - this explains my absence, I hope, to all 3 of you that may be following along! When I can't keep up at least minimally with work when I'm home, then I get behind with that and of course behind with my personal stuff. Then at work I'm so far behind there's no time for personal stuff...a vicious cycle I tell you!

Here's hoping this posts, but I seem to have a steady signal for the moment...

Training has continued...still just going with what feels good to be worked, not a set schedule. Not going to share every workout this week in this one post, no worries.

Just yesterday's Leg day, since today it has me pretty owie. Generally I don't hit quads AND hamstrings too hard at the same time, today tells me that I did just that yesterday, oops ;) Who needs *walking* anyway?!

Here's how it broke out:
Pull-ups: 4, with really bad 5th rep

Set 1: 135 x 10
Set 2: 135 x 10
Set 3: 140 x 10
Set 4: 145 x 8
Set 5: 135 x 9

Rack Pulls (3 sets x 10)
@ 185
@ 225
@ 265

Leg Press
10 x 270
10 x 230
10 x 230
8 x 230

Seated Curls
3 x 10 @ 95

Standing Calf Raises
3 x 15 @ 150

BB Plie Squats
2 x 15 @ 75

BB Close Stance Squats
1 x 15 @ 85

Leg Extensions
3 x 10 @ 95

Had never done rack pulls really before, Myles suggests starting with the bar just a touch lower. Can't set the pins any lower but I will stand on a step platform next time I try 'em. I think squat form is getting more solid...I'm hitting good reps way more frequently than bad reps, so I'm starting to solidify the movement (I hope) in my head...hopefully I'll be able to quiet the chattery checklist I go through on every rep sooner rather than later! Still some things to work on, but the goal of doing more sets, higher reps, lighter weight was to solidify the form and I think I'm getting there :) Yay! Next cycle I think I should be able to go back (and FINISH with!) 5-3-1 with squats.

Today I just went in and did some easy cardio, 30 mins on the TM. Legs are Fa-ri-hide! Tonight - softball! Last game of the "season" (I honestly have no idea what season it is, hahah ;)

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