Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running, RAW, Reservations, and RC :)

I slept like a log last night. Mmmm...sleep. I need a little more of that a little more often. I took Scivation KnockOut and it worked incredibly well. I fell asleep and stayed asleep from about 10:30 until almost 7am! Unheard of :)

Went for a short, easy run today...probably juuuuust around 3 miles ( says it was 2.99), a little ways down past the bank, then a brief stop there to get cash for the handyman, then home. Including the stop at the ATM it took 30 minutes on the nose, not bad for a non-runner ;)

I had the handyman here for most of the day, fixing various things that have just been piling up for sometime. Well actually I had him here on Monday for that, he had to come back today to REALLY fix one of the things he tried to do on went from a 15 minute job to a 4 hour job, complete with a hole in the stairwell wall. Gah!

Anyway while he was here I made my reservations for the Mike Witmer Memorial Open Powerlifting Meet. It was formerly the RAW United Florida State Championships meet, but they renamed it (not sure why). It is June 19-20 in Tampa, FL at the same venue that the Raw Unity Meet was held in January. I mailed my entry form and fee off on Thursday, and today my Southwest Airlines DING! popped up with a *sweet* deal for airfare between West Palm and Tampa...$52 each way - can't drive for that! I also did priceline for a car...going rates without priceline were over $60/day plus taxes/fees/gas, ugh wtf?! With Priceline I got it for $27/day plus taxes/fees/gas. So I am ready to go for that!

I sat and planned my training cycles out for between now and the meet, looks good, I feel good about the timeframe and the schedule.

Raphael has agreed to be my (remote) coach for the day - REALLY excited about that :) I think it'll be a huge help for me just to have someone available to say a few words between lifts, give me some queue reminders, consult for attempt selection if need be, etc. We can do this because this meet will also be streamed live over the internet. So he can watch and then we can consult via phone if need be. It won't be the same as having someone THERE, but I think just knowing I have that someone looking out for me is going to be a great help :)

Tomorrow is a UB/Abs + cardio day. We'll see how I'm feeling by the time cardio rolls around. I am feeling pretty good about my weight, I'm on track with the fat loss goals I set last week when I came home from NYC/VA...I was 141.2 last sunday and today showed me 139.6 for a 1.6lb loss in just under a full week. I gave myself 2 weeks (until sunday 4/18) to lose those 3lbs and get back to where I started before I went on that trip (138.2 the day I left), and decided that I'd see how I was feeling (as far as energy, strength, training) to see if I would continue to try to get those additional 3 I spontaneously added back off and get down to a nice comfy 135 after that. One step at a time though..we're still in phase I. So far I'm feeling pretty good..little tired right now but for the most part I'm definitely strong and feeling ok :)

I'm also pretty pleased with not super over-reacting to the scale. It's fluctuated up and down this week, but I stayed CALM and just stayed the course and it's paying off. It feels sooo much better under 140, even though it's just by a hair. Since today was cardio only I might pop just a tiny bit tomorrow...but I know again...stay calm, stay the course. WHEN I succeed at this, I'm going to feel pretty proud of me, I think :)

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