Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April 7 - Bench Workout

Today's workout was interesting...I ended up bagging a good chunk of it, I had nothing!

It was supposed to be chest/back/abs and short cardio. I started off STRONG and focused, totally engaged in my workout. PR'd right off on Bench (100 x 11! former was x 9!). About mid-way through chest/back I just crashed. Everything got hard, I was really struggling. I pushed through the rest of that, and decided to bag Abs for tomorrow (originally a cardio only day), and I hit the elliptical for a VERY easy 20 mins. Now that I'm looking at it though, that w/o was waaay too long anyway, and abs will better fit on Thursdays. So depending on how tomorrow feels I think I'll make that more of a regular occurrence. I'm sure lack of sleep played a role in that crash, slightly reduced calories (can't be here, 141 after coming home from NYC/VA - and down next to nothing still today - no no no!).

Here's the vid of the Bench, I will say that I'm 100% convinced that the BB Floor Presses I've been doing for the past several weeks, in combination with this "revised" grip really facilitated this! The Floor Presses get me to practice that sticking spot that has been problematic on every single missed Bench I think from Day 1, and even in this vid you can see on those last two reps where I reeaaally start to slow down on the top half of the press!

100 x 11 :)

This felt like a huge win today...huge! I'm so looking forward to June (and really need to remember to get my $%#!$@ entry form in!)

The rest of the workout:

Pull-Ups Day 16 - 3 (blah! too much after Bench but I didn't want to zap any strength ahead of Bench either...)

BB Rows
65 x 15
75 x 12
85 x 10
95 x 8 (not planned, but felt strong - zoned in! probably did me in ;)

BB Floor Press
90 x 10, 9, 7

Machine High Rows
3 x 10 @ 120
(3rd set - crash!)

DB Incline Flys
3 x 10 @ 25

Cable Standing 1-Arm Rows
10/Arm @ 70, 80, 90

Hammer Incline Press
8, 7 x 90

Back Extensions
15 @ 25
15 @ 10
15 @ BW

3 x 12

20 mins Elliptical

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