Sunday, April 4, 2010

Back Home in FL

I'm home - got home mid-afternoon yesterday. I've been enjoying some quiet "cave-time" to myself since then, it's been wonderful after all that PEOPLE time I had while I was gone. I'm used to a lot more down-time. I didn't have a chance to keep up HERE with my training, but rest assured I kept up with my training. I'll try to update the highlights and then I hope to get back to my regular blogging this week.

After the gym this morning, I did some cleaning up/chores, and then I went to the pool for the first time this season. It was beautiful, and just what I needed. My body loooved feeling the sun - just soaked it up, yummy :) I had a bunch of things to get done for work today too, but it was a quiet, slow paced afternoon with that anyway. I also ordered my CE course for my PT certification. It satisfies the full CE requirement, and I have until August to get it completed. It's on Nutrition, something I definitely need to learn more about.

So I got on the scale today for the first time since I left 12 days ago. Twelve days in NYC/VA and I left at 138.4 and came back at 141.2 this morning. I wasn't happy with hovering at that 138 mark BEFORE I left, so I'm definitely not thrilled here - waaaaay over the line. I don't really know why/how, because I was not out of control and my choices were the same as if I were here,and I kept up with all of my training.

But really I guess I ate out WAY more often, and with all that I did I guess that's not *so* bad. Frustrating, I feel out of control, and the fear is trying to take over. Fear makes it hard to trust :( I DO feel it though, can't deny that - every single gross ounce of it, and I can see it all over, that's not helping. I thought about it all day yesterday during my trip home (I knew I was into the 140s even not having weighed that whole time), and decided that I'm going to track/journal for a while again while I work to bring it back to at least 138.

Goal 2 weeks to 138 (by Sunday, 4/18).
After that I'll see how I'm feeling and maybe go again for 135 with another 2 weeks.

I had a wonderful rest day yesterday (aside from the hassle of travel) and a great workout today. It's so good to be home and in my normal space. I really like this switch to Sundays instead of Saturdays too. Not that I wouldn't prefer to have all of sunday off, but just the gym feels so much better and I feel less rushed and more focused and in my zone without the madness of the saturday morning spin-nazis ;) It's also better timing, better for my recovery, I think.

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