Thursday, April 8, 2010

Workout - Not to Be

My inner sane voice won today. Go me :)

Given yesterday's exhaustion, not sleeping (save one night) since before I left for NYC, and actually having slept LAST night...When this morning's alarm went off, my sane voice told me that the extra two hours of sleep would do me far better than any 30 mins of cardio and an abs workout would do.

The fight came when my crazy voice (not so "inner") came out all pissed off with my weight and the silly "gotta do cardio to lose" mentality when really, I know cardio only days really don't buy me much in that department, and a few sets of abs isn't going to change that. I *know* that, it's a fact that I've recorded time after time. And when I got on the scale and saw *only* down 1 full pound from Sunday...the fight got harder.

But really, that's not even a week. I'm on track with the goal I set, which was basically 1.5 this week and 1.5 next week.

So I skipped it. And slept. Mmmmm sleep :)

Go go inner sane voice, go :)

Played softball tonight, and I'm ready for another good sleep. Need it, big deadlift day tomorrow!

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