Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Lesson Plan

I was going down my steps yesterday afternoon, not paying attention I guess, and I missed a step, landed unsteady on the step below the one I should have landed on, then my foot/leg slid out from under me onto the landing and I jammed my leg somehow...I didn't actually fall (might have been better off falling), but I hurt my right knee. A lot.

I sat there in denial for a bit...like "I'll just put some ice on it, it'll be fine" ...maybe a good almost hour? But...it was(is) undeniably excruciating to bend or lift in any way. Straight is fine, even weight bearing, straight is fine..but any bend or lift and it's NOT.

Eventually I gave in, I called my mom and she insisted I get to the hospital, but...driving was out. Mom wanted me to call an ambulance (um no), so I had to call someone for help. I called RC (who else, the amazing RC), and he came and helped me to the hospital and stayed with me a while through all the paperwork and the sitting and the x-rays (can't say thank you enough).

The only thing they were able to tell me was that I dind't break a bone. They gave me a giant immobilizer thing and instruction to RICE and keep it straight with this thing. The giant thing actually feels good because it allows me to move my leg from the hip and NOT flex the knee and cause pain. I can get around ok with it, even up and down the stairs, but I can't drive, and going to the potty (with or without it on) is a challenge.

Humbling moments...these are moments it's really hard to live alone.

I'm pretty pissed (the STAIRS take me out?!), and kind of freaking, but trying to just roll with it..there's a) no definitive anything wrong with it at the moment, and b) even if there was the prescription remains the same. I don't know why the ER didn't do an MRI, but I was able to get one today.

I called a friend of mine who's actually on vacation right now in Portland OR (crazy coincidence!), and she got me hooked up with her mom (who lives across the street from her), who came and picked me up today and took me all around to the Dr's office, to the MRI place, and to the pharmacy. It took ALL DAY, and I was up and about way too much I'm sure, but I got the MRI and should have results tomorrow. I'm researching good Ortho peeps so I'll be ready whether she tells me it's nothing, or something.

The Dr was not pleased with the level of swelling, or the extent (or NOT) to which I could flex without pain (~10 degrees). Beyond that, the only other feedback I got was "Wow, that's really swollen" from the MRI techs. I still don't know why they didn't do an MRI yesterday, but...anyway. Got a non-narcotic rx to try tonight. Debating sleeping in the guest room (bed is lower, easier to get in/out), and I still haven't mastered the potty. Dad is ready to come down (ironic, eh? ;) as soon as I give the word. I've asked him to wait until we hear MRI results, at least.

While out I found the most FABULOUS instant-cold thing EVER. It is like a combo ace bandage/ice-pack! And it's reusable! Going to wrap it with it tonight before bed...guaranteed not to fall off :)

From Cold Wrap Thing

Soooo...that's that. I said I was ready for my next lesson in PL, but clearly the universe had a different lesson plan in mind. I suspect it is to face the food/nutrition/exercise demons head on...since my first instinct today was to not eat. I didn't eat 1900 cals (which is where the counselor had slowly inched me up to), but I think I did well. I can't say I'm not freaking about it, and I keep thinking I'm *feeling* fat already, which is nuts, but I'm aware of the battle, so I'm better prepared to fight it.

Working from home the rest of the week...only plan is to eat right and make healthy choices for recovery :)


  1. How nice to find a surrogate mom! And lucky that you were able to get an MRI so quickly. I hope the results show a quick path to recovery. So sweet about your dad. Hang in there!

  2. OWIE!!

    May I suggest, if you haven't already, that perhaps now is a good time to read Women Food & God? While you have some downtime? :-)

  3. Surrogate mom was incredible, she truly went above and beyond, my mom is beside herself that she went so out of her way to help me. I need to write her a thank you note, otherewise I'd still be floundering around here without a plan for recovery...with no MRI.

    Karen yes, great suggestion...though I guess I'll have to order it from amazon so it comes to my door, LOL :) I read an article in the July Good Housekeeping magazine that was written by the author of that book - it was well written, engaging, and struck MANY chords with me...it was the difference between "restricters" and "permitters" and the thought processes each uses when it comes to food. I'm a restricter (betcha didn't see that comin ;)

    This is hard, but I am trying to stay focused on the lesson that is RIGHT HERE IN MY FACE for me to learn...that's the greater good that will come of this. And, as my dear Honu wrote me when I laid all the fears on the table, "Injury is not a path back to obesity, bad choices, or anything else."

    That's going to be key for me to remember the next few weeks.

  4. I JUST got to the part about restricters and permitters last night!! In the book, not the magazine. :-) And guess what? I'm a permitter! HAHAHA.

    It's funny because I have gone through thinking that an injury or some other similar obstacle would make me gain 50 pounds overnight...

    Also, I'd love your feedback on my latest blog post...