Friday, July 9, 2010

Drs Orders :)

Just back from the Ortho, no tears - he said he was surprised I didn't do more damage! I have my MRI on disk, I'm getting ready to look at my knee from the inside out, neat :) I'm sure I won't know what's up from down, but..whatever. I also know it won't be nearly as exciting as my dad with a giant f'ing screw in his femur ;)

So here goes...hopefully I don't sound like an idiot trying to explain what I was told...

"Congenital defect" lol in my knee means it's always got the potential to do what it did on Monday - the groove that the patella sits in is more shallow than a normal one, so any force sudden force applied in such an uncontrolled way (as in say, a fall down the stairs ;) has the potential to knock it out of place. Forever. But he said right now it needs help staying back in the groove because "stuff" (<-- technical ;) stretched all around trying to control it during the fall, and because being off it like I have been, those muscles have already started to atrophy. So he's given me a brace for now to wear all the time for the next 2 weeks.

I'm supposed to begin exercising right away (oh stop me, please!) - swim! Ahhh back to my friend swimming ;) Can swim all I want/can. Can do upper body workouts, and for lower body and specifically my right leg - body weight and progress to light leg extensions but more importantly focus more so on the hip adductors/abductors - body weight to start, then ankle weights, then progressing to light weight. No squatting ;) Back in 2 weeks for reassessment.

I feel good with a plan, knowing what I can/can't do and that it's all going to be juuuuust fine. With *patience* Not my strong suit... :) I think I'll swim tonight!

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