Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 1: Re-Do-Over

So when I moved to Florida, I called it my "Do-Over," I was starting over - totally fresh.

I'm taking another re-do. Can we do that? Well let's just pretend we can and move right along ;)

I had the day off. Long story, but it was a swap for another "free" (read: non vacation day) off. It started at the Dentist. While I can't say I love the Dentist, it was THE best dental visit I've ever had. After the Dentist - off to the Orthopaedist...the much awaited Orthopaedist follow-up!

YESSSSSSSSSSSSS! Got the All Clear! He just wants me to lift with the knee brace given that knee's proclivity to doing what it did. I asked him about subbing it out for a "sanctioned" one, he didn't appreciate that ;) If I must, and the one he provided cannot be used in competition, then I will train with both - alternating a competition approved knee wrap and the brace :)

That wrapped up around 10, and I spent some time by the intracoastal sipping a cup of coffee and finishing up Women, God and Food. I was driving home, I'd say around 11ish when I noticed hunger. Tummy growling, noticeable, physical hunger. This was a good opportunity! Ok...so I have essentially the world at my finger tips...focus, look inside..."You can have anything your body wants, what is it?"

Christie asked me this question on my first day with her and I just stared at her blankly. Today I focused, "fresh" was first...I wanted something seasonal and fresh and bright. Then YELLOW! And I was like YES YELLOW! Lemon? No...Banana..? No....PINEAPPLE...YES! And I said it out loud, "I'd like some pineapple!" And then I cried :) Because that is REALLY what I wanted. And not only was it what I wanted, and something that maybe 2 days ago I would NEVER have allowed, but do you realize the FIRST thing my body said was Pineapple! It did NOT say, "hey, how about a triple baconator and hot fudge sundae from Burger King...you're driving by it right now...just sayin.." I cried and I called @Fat2Figure because I HAD to tell someone how amazing it felt to say, "I'd like some pineapple!" Thanks Ms. T :)

So the plan quickly formulated. Go home, change into bathing suit (and hell YES it's going to be the bikini, screw this "skin" worry - NOT TODAY (I said that outloud too :)), stop at Publix for a) sunscreen (all out), and b) picnic lunch for the beach: cut up fresh pineapple, a turkey wrap, and some water.

At the beach, I TOTALLY splurged and spent $20 on renting the big wooden platform chairs that come with a comfy cushion and a giant umbrella, and a guy to adjust it at your beck and call! I cannot tell you how freaking fantastic that pineapple actually tasted :) I cried again. On the beach! So true ;)

My friend Susan called about 30 minutes into my beach time and I invited her to join me...she did! She had the other half of my wrap, and was uninterested in the fabulous pineapple ;) We spent the afternoon chatting and lounging...awesome. I needed a girlfriend today, and she just showed up - what a blessing :)

When I got home I looked back on my day, it felt SO GOOD, felt like a new beginning. So I decided to make it that...my re-do-over. I made it my birthday do-over too, since I spent that one in the emergency room, hahah.

I put on my lil' red dress because I FELT SEXY, and I decided to take myself out. Plus I mean, how often do I go out, right? So I was livin' it up:
From Blogger Pictures

Yup - me, myself and I. All dressed up :) I went downtown and parked, and then perused up and down the main street reading menus until I found what would continue to satisfy the "fresh" need I was still experiencing. I settled on Grilled citrus glazed fillet of Atlantic salmon served with a mango-melon salsa over field greens. The salmon was like butta, and I could taste the beautiful grilled/charred bits and the sweetness of the mango...yum. I enjoyed about 3/4 of a red Sangria with it as well. It kicked my ass...I couldn't finish it and as it was I had to walk around a bit before driving home ;) But..mmmm, I really enjoyed every bit of that.

I stopped in at a little cafe that specialized in cupcakes on the way back, and I got me a little celebratory cupcake! Ok it really wasn't little!
From Blogger Pictures

I didn't eat it all, but I put a major dent in it. It was wonderful...creamy frosting with this sort of fudgy chocolate STUFF over top..vanilla cake. A cherry on top :) I had a decaf coffee with it as well, and I ate until I was satisfied :)

A lovely couple stopped and asked if they could join me? I thought it was a little out of the ordinary but ok...so they sat with me and celebrated with me (didn't tell them what, they didn't ask..they just asked if I was celebrating "something"). She gave me a little bamboo woven fish, said she bought it from the street person who told her it meant good luck..she passed it on to me :)

And now here I am, reflecting on Day 1. I feel good. Right now, I have no regrets and no fears. Right now is a joyous place :)


  1. LOVE THIS!! Absolutely love this! And damn woman, you look HAWT in that red dress! Just sayin...

    Love and hugs,

  2. Happy, happy!
    The encounter with the couple, and the fish talisman, is down right poetic, if not *cosmic*.

  3. I'm fairly positive you can have as maaaaaaany do-over days as you want :) And I seriously love that dress. Your story is so inspirational! Thank you so much for finding me. xox.

  4. Hahah thanks on the dress! I honestly don't believe I've ever felt sexier, even though the dress is just a lil' cotton thing I got cheapy on sale for $30! That was an amazing evening that I need to hold near to the front of my my thoughts for a long time. I felt really free :)

    Coco - right? That was nuts! The woman also told me about a movie (or play?) I should see starring Diane Keaton who was having a birthday. She was all alone but she decided she HAD to celebrate, so she got a cupcake and made a wish on her one candle..and then later in the story her wish came true :) The woman said "you've GOT to see it, you remind me of her." I can't remember what it is tho :(

    Marzipan - I'm now a regular reader of your blog, I am so so amazed by you...thank you for your awesomeness, I can't wait to see the Calendar :)

  5. OH COOL! Marzipan and Cathy have found each other!! YAYAYAYAY!

    Anyway, Cathy, yes you are a lady in red for sure! What a wonderful evening...so "full" of the good stuff. :-)