Thursday, July 22, 2010

Middle of the Day-er....

You know it's important to me if it's popping up NOW and not just before I pass out at the end of the day.

The other day at the Beach, Susan (@mindrightfit) asked me, "What if I told you you were going to gain 10lbs, but you would meet your soul mate?"

At that instant, about 75 questions starting spinning through my head, "What do you mean? I don't understand. Why? Why do I have to gain 10lbs to find my soul mate? What are you asking me?!"

I just looked at her as it all swirled in there. That appears to be my response when I can't logically put questions/thoughts together with words. I couldn't answer her. I wanted to say yes, I wanted to say I love ME me more than I love WEIGHT-LOSS me and if *I* would be truly happy then absolutely! But I couldn't get the words out, saying YES meant, I think...handing over too much control to ME know, the wild one, the one who might let things get out of hand see...and 10lbs...well we've been there, and we hate that.

Yesterday I read about an amazing woman who was literally taking it all off for a good cause. She was overcoming that voice, and stripping down and literally becoming this image (her blog icon) for a calendar:

From Blogger Pictures

Happy, beautiful, strong, care-free...*awesome* WOW.

And with that, today she posted all of the thoughts that ran through her mind in the weeks preceding the photo shoot, I felt like I could have written them. Lots of uglyness goin' on there.

But she still did it! How great is that? She kicked the voice's ass!

But today she ALSO wrote about her progress and all of the good and the beautiful about her bod & life. One of the things she wrote really hit me like a ton of bricks (in a good way, I think):

Fact: I gained every single one of those 30 pounds, because I have fallen madly in love and have been too busy having the most romantic and wonderful dates every day for the last two years.

Fact: I wouldn’t change this last fact for all the world. My life is amazing right now. I am so very happy. To my core happy, perhaps for the first time in my life.

I want that. My goal is to be able to answer Susan's question with no hesitation - a resounding "yes." Not that I have to, and not that I will, but that if it happens it happens and YES, for "to my core happy," anything is possible.

Voice is on notice.

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  1. So, you gain the 10 lbs, meet your soul mate and then burn it off *exercising* together, right? ;-P