Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hot Yoga

*Streeetttttccchhhhhh* Yum.

I woke up feeling pretty awful this morning, migraine. I took some meds, stayed in a bed a while, then got some coffee, read a bit...

Out of nowhere my body asked me for some hot yoga this went sort of like this, "Self? How about some hot ass yoga?" And I said, "Self? You know that sounds fantastic." Mind you, I've done it exactly ONCE before, about 2 years ago, I have no idea where this "craving" came from. So I responded, made a few calls, and found an 8:30am class, and off I went. I made the instructor aware of my knee if I needed assistance, and I went in.

90 minutes of severe (no really ;) sweat, stretching, and balancing. I'm now feeling so aware of myself, and recognize what simply being "present" feels like. There's no room for anything but the present when focused on the movements and how your body feels and responds to each one (not to mention focused on not falling on yer bum :). It was the most peaceful and quiet my mind has been in ages. Coming home from that, I've been left aware of my body and it feels incredible. I feel all of my muscles were actively engaged, I was strong and flexible, and my knee did all I asked of it (save for one pose, that one was NOT happening) and, it even surprised me a few times.

I'm STILL feeling peaceful in these moments after class, and can hear myself much better right now. I know it might fade as the day goes on...but I'm enjoying it all for now. I made an incredibly fresh lunch - fresh lemon juice and chopped parsley, creamy yogurt..mmm. And I used lentils - a new food for me, and it was wonderful and not scary.

It's a really big "wow" kind of time for me right now..feels magical. Today I'm choosing again to have a great day :)


  1. I LOVE this!! I love that it just came to you as a craving! It's funny, I've been wanting to get back to yoga more for the mindful/present/meditation part versus looking at it as one more thing I think I "should" do. In the past, the intention with which I did yoga was suspect, I think :-) I also had an "all or nothing" thing going on...surprise, surprise.

  2. It really was a craving type feeling and it's felt really good to a) be able to hear it, and b) be able to respond to it. I've found I've been hearing myself better all day, hopefully as a result. Maybe, just maybe, that gets stronger each time you practice it - just like practicing any other skill :) I'm hopeful :)

    Interestingly, @workoutnirvana just posted something along these lines..where the body will naturally seek to return to balance. You just need to be willing and able to open yourself up for it.

    At first I was thinking, 'oh man I've got to do this all the time!' but then I realized, like you're saying about the "all or nothing" thing...I just need to listen and respond accordingly.

    On that note, I'd think I'd like a I'm off for that as well. I feel rather whimsical right now, I like it :)

  3. I'm impressed that you were able to call around and find a class - I had assumed that you knew there was one at your gym or something.

    As I re-read your post, I remember that I *craved* running this morning, which is why I hopped on the TM after BootCamp. It wasn't planned at all. I was about to turn off the tv and head upstairs for a shower and coffee when I thought "I feel energetic, I don't have to be anywhere this morning, I can watch 'Losing It' on the DVR and get in a quick run."