Thursday, July 8, 2010

Can't Keep a Sistah Down!

I was really down this morning, feeling really trapped that I could not drive, feeling stir crazy that I've been so stuck in the house, feeling like I wanted to LIFT...

I was sort of trapped in the thinking that since I could not get to the gym I could not do anything, but then I realized - hey! I have DB's (up to 25s), a chair, and a floor.

So I hit it circuit style...3 sets:

Lying DB Floor Press - 12 @ 25lbs
Seated DB Sh press - 10 @ 20lbs
Seated 1-Arm DB Curls - 8 @ 20lbs
Seated 1-Arm Overhead Tri Extension - 12 @ 12lbs
1 Leg Squats (with good leg, obviously, with chair by side if needed for balance) - 15
1 Leg Calf Raise (ditto)- 15
Situps - 15

With the "bad" leg i also did standing Hip Adduction/Abduction, 2 sets @ 15
Seated Leg Extensions (no wt & with limited ROM, lol) 1 set @ 15
Rear Leg Lifts - 2 sets @ 15

AND, I went out for the test success.
Not comfortable, but completely doable.

Saturday I should be able to get to the gym for my w/o, and hopefully I'll have a list of rehab stuff to do with this bum leg :)

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  1. I read somewhere that exercise with your "good" limb can help your injured one - some freaky neuron-muscle connection. Not sure how much it helps, but it was measurable in the study - and no, I don't have the cite. ;-)