Thursday, July 22, 2010


Earlier today a Tweet popped up on my screen, "30 DAY NO SCALE CHALLENGE! Dont be scared! #30daynoscale"

We all know I'm scared. I've personally challenged myself to this EVERY DAY and failed EVERY DAY over and over again. I tweeted that I was scared, and got a barrage of encouragement to just try.

I wanted too, but I just couldn't say I'd join! I started going through all the scenarios in my head, about all the weight gain I would obviously experience as a direct result of not being able to SEE. And NOW? NOW along with all the other stuff I'm trying to change? No no no...too much. Too much at once, with all the other changes I'm trying to make right now.

I tried to visualize how it would FEEL to be free of that thing! I said I'm in, and that means weigh in on Monday, and then put the scale away for 30 days.

And now I'm second guessing (weird ;) I decided I'll talk it through with Christie on Saturday, I'm really not sure I'm ready. When I type that I feel like it looks like an excuse..but still, it feels daunting.

Today I just did cardio at the gym...tomorrow I'll be hitting an upper body workout, lower body on Saturday and back to the training plan Dave sent me on Monday.

Date on Saturday!


  1. I'm interested in what Christie has to say. Its not as "easy" as it sounds and I understand your "freakout" reaction. She is in a better position than I am to decide whether that means that this is just what you need right now, or that you've got enough other things to focus on.

  2. I have to ditto what Coco said. And then add my $0.02, which is that I haven't weighed myself in over and year and don't ever really think twice about it. I mean, there have been a few times when I think about it, but quickly banish the thought. :-)

    What's interesting to me is that as I read your post, I immediately thought of my own reaction to other types of challenges and/or commitments and/or goals. My reaction is usually resistance. The minute I commit is the minute I want to change my mind.

    I think in the end, we are able to cobble together what works for us...and it may be a little of this and a little of that. So don't use this as a measuring stick that you will then use to beat yourself up with...does that make sense?