Sunday, February 14, 2010

Still Learning :)

So I was going to try to train today, but...*hangs head*  I overdid it on Friday and I can't - still waaaay too sore and stiff and it'd do more harm than good.  I started the week right, not killing myself first time "back" after so long being off pre/post meet.  I did well all week..and I guess I thought I could just go for it already on I did.  HAH! I went back to the kind of volume I hadn't done probably for at least 10 or 12 weeks...not good, gotta build up to that kinda crap.  Apparently I'm still not *really* listening, because I do know better....

So...slowing it back down.  Lesson learned (again, no really - THIS time I learned ;)

Tentative plans, based on wishful recovery thinking below, actual results may differ ;)

Sunday: REST
Monday: 30c
Tuesday: Squats
Wednesday: Bench + 20 HIIT
Thursday: 30c
Friday: Deads
Saturday: Arms/Sh + 30c

Sunglasses trainer guy made a good point the other day.  He asked me about training my abs...I do train abs specifically a few times each week, but not hard.  A few tough (4? 5?) sets a 3-4 days each week and that's that.  My thinking has been that my core gets a pretty good workout every day I train, it's gotta be fully engaged for every lift else I'm flat out on my ass or hurting myself.  He suggested I rethink that and I'm thinking he may be right.  At least one day/wk with some focus?

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