Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Squats, Do Over!

Ok so I repeated the squat programming I did last week, but I'm feeling sort of all over the place with this right now. Part of me feels like I should not try to progress more in weight until I get this "habit" of mine worked out. So while I went with the 5-5-5 (week 1 of 5-3-1) structure, I may abandon it altogether for Squats for a while and pick it up again with Cycle 2 when I get there with bench/deads. I'm not really sure yet...like I said - all over the place.

Since I'm going to work with RC next week one of the things he wanted me to just try was (*ducking for cover*) to let go of the Ripster's form and try going with the head/chin up, higher bar, more vertical method. Well, I tried ;) And while I never had the Ripster's form down perfectly, I don't really have this one down either. I'll call it the Cooth Hybrid form ;)

I also did more warm-ups than usual. Really wanted to make sure my back was good and ready, since uhhh...well she took a bit of a beating last Friday ;)

Set 1 - 120 x 5

Set 2 - 135 x 5

Set 3 - 145 x 10

Rep 5 and 9 on that last set look *different* to me, I THINK...slightly less GM'y. WAAAY shakey there though, hahah...legs quivering, I like it :)

RDLs were next...from Myles on last week's RDLs - need to focus on being tighter on the eccentric and keep the aggressive lock-out on top, so that was my aim today. I also used straps this week on sets 2 and 3 :P

Set 1 - 135 x 10

Set 2 - 165 x 10

Set 3 - 185 x 8

Back got a little rounded out on reps 6, 7 with this set, but I think I pulled it back together for the 8th. I'll be working to PR with min sets of 8 on RDLs.

Success on tighter eccentric, keeping aggressive lockout at top?

Rest of workout:
Hack Squats 90 x 10, 110 x 10, 10
(I feel like these will help me a lot)

Lying Leg Curls (getting form check on this new way): 3 x 10 @ 30 (all 3 sets at 30lbs this week :)
Leg Extensions 3 x 15 @ 65 (all 3 sets at 15 this week, woot!)
Hip Adduction 2 x 15 @ 130
Standing Calves 4 x 12 @ 120
Freemotion Cable Step-ups 1 x 25/leg @ 40 (25 right, then 25 left)
then a second set 1 x 25/leg @ 30 (alternating legs)

And no cardio :)
And new low weight! 135 on the nose :) Whack yo!

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