Saturday, February 6, 2010

First Post, No Pressure

So here we are, inaugural post and pressure or anything to come up with something INTERESTING to say :) "All Your Strength...Everything You Got."  I decided to make that full quote (from Rocky IV) the sort of prevailing "theme" of this blog, since it sort of is how I approach things these days, particularly the THING of powerlifting.  It's the perfect note to have running through your head when you walk out onto that platform, "...all your strength, all your power, all your love, everything you got!"

A good friend of mine said that to me before one of my first meets, which at this time is still less than just a year ago.  But it was perfect, it stuck with me, and now I carry it in my heart in training and on the platform.

Anyway, I thought I'd use this space as my training blog, space to work through the nerd side of me, the one that likes to manipulate numbers and create training plans and obsess over bits and details of things that would otherwise probably make a lot of people crazy (not to mention bored).  It's my space for working through things, but hopefully a space for learning too.  If you happen to be reading and see something totally whack or that could easily be improved with a minor tweak or two, please let me know.  I've a lot to learn :)


  1. Cathy,

    You're an amzing person, and I'm proud to be your friend. I think this blog is a great idea, and I'll follow it with interest.


  2. Thanks Robyn, I'm proud to be yours :) I'm finally starting to get back to some of the things I've been meaning/wanting to do for a long time...this blog, reading YOURS (and Karen's) ... need this outlet :) I'll be following you as well. Hope you made it home safely!