Saturday, February 27, 2010

February 24 - Bench Recap!

So things got a little hectic this past week and I got way behind on things here. That's here online though, s'gonna take a lot more to derail my training :) So that all went on as planned, and the week following Squats on Tuesday looked like this:

Weds - chest/back (Bench) + Abs + 20 HIIT
Thurs - 30cardio
Fri - legs (deads) + 20cardio
Saturday - UB + mini abs + 20cardio

On Wednesday I experimented with grip width on the Bench Press. RC and Myles have both noted that my grip seems too narrow and widening it slightly might really help. I tried 3 wider widths and I still feel like some additional experimenting might yield me better results. I went slightly wider (about 1/2 inch per side) than my regular grip, then out to pinkies on rings, then out to thumb/pointer finger on rings.

RC mentioned he thought I looked most stable at the widest grip, and I think I agree based on how the videos look, but at the same time that is VERY wide and it felt pretty uncomfortable, and given my apparent ridiculous WING SPAN (wtf? where did that come from?) it doesn't significantly shorten my ROM anyway. Good way to jack up my shoulders too. So, I think the answer lies somewhere between the last two.

Here's how Wednesday broke down:
Bench Warmups then worksets:
3 x 80
3 x 85
3+ x 90 (got 13 reps, but filmed from a ridiculous angle so went back and did a 4th set for the grip shot...)
6 x 90

BB Rows
10 x 65
10 x 85
8 x 95

One Arm DB Chest Press
2 x 10/arm @ 35
1 x 10/arm @ 30

Supine Pullups - 8, 8, 6

BB Decline Press - 10, 8 x 85

Cable High Rows - 10, 12 x 120

Hanging Knee Raises superset w/ Rope Crunches (110lbs)
Set 1 - 15 / 15
Set 2 - 12 / 12

V-Sit w/Med Ball (8lbs) Twists ss w/ Weighted Crunches (25lb plate)
Set 1 - 30 / 30
Set 2 - 30 / 30

Plank 1 x 75secs

Ab Crunch Machine 15, 20 x 20lbs
(note: DONE with this machine, not using again)

FB Knee Roll-ins - 12 (into full pike) / 15 (onto knees)

20 mins HIIT

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