Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Plan, and Plan Again - Just Git'r Done!

The other day I posted my training plan for this week as follows:

Monday - Squats
Tuesday - 30 Cardio
Wednesday - Bench + 20 HIIT
Thursday - 30 Cardio
Friday - Deads
Saturday - UB + 30 Cardio
Sunday - Off

Got squats done.  Got Tuesday cardio done...then I went and ran off to NYC and promptly got stuck here.  I woke up this morning with a raging migraine, I think the changing pressure from this storm triggered it, I'm not sure what else would have, so getting up, getting dressed in allll the winter garb, and standing through 5 hours of bright lights, confetti guns, cheering and clapping at the Dr Oz show was just about all I was able to handle this morning.

I'm feeling slightly better now, and I'm certainly stuck indoors.  I checked the hotel facility - they've got DB's up to 35lbs, a bench, and a bunch of TMs and Ellipticals.  I might be up for some easy cardio tonight, and tomorrow I could swing the workout I had planned for Saturday with the equipment in this facility, and rework my week as follows (assuming I get out of here tomorrow - looks ok for now!):

Wednesday - 30 (easy - migraine friendly ;) Cardio (PM)
Thursday - UB + 20 HIIT
Friday - Deads
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Bench + 30 Cardio

and start with Squats again on Monday. Don't want to get one lift out of sync with the rest..meaning be off on 5-3-1 weeks with one lift versus the others!

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