Monday, February 15, 2010

Even More Betterer ;)

So resting yesterday was definitely the right choice. Tough decision for me to make despite feeling nearly crippled when I woke up in the morning, because the PLAN said - workout!

But I listened to the crippled me, yay :)

Later on in the day, when I'd moved around a bit, loosened up a little, I started second guessing myself..."oh maybe a little cardio would be fine to help stay loose, get some blood circulating." And while we're being all open and honest - I say all that kind of thing to myself, but what I'm REALLY doing is panicking about my weight ("oh my god I'm going to balloon up if I don't do SOMETHING, let me just do a little, 30 mins won't hurt..." yeah that kind of thing). Nice.

But the little birdie in my head said, "Really Cathy? Really? Cuz you could hardly get out of bed this morning, just chill yo, another day isn't going to kill you. And your weight will be fine"

So true little birdie, so true :) And my weight was fine. In fact, I'm hovering at my lowest since I came back down from July's high...135.6 this AM. With good rest, and no food logging :) I feel like I'm in some sort of support group...I've been "log free" for 8 weeks now...

So I rested all day yesterday, just doing the chores and errands that needed to be done. And today I woke up *totally*functional* Woot! Slept till *5* no less, then got up and went and did 30 mins moderate, SS cardio and a niiiiice looooong stretch session.

Feeling good :)

This week, I'm starting my 5-3-1 cycle over, so repeating squats from last week tomorrow and then I'll go from there. RC agreed to help me with a few sessions in the gym for squats, which I think will be super beneficial for me - really looking forward to that. I'm sure he'll successfully kick my ass while we're at it ;)

Also asked Tara if she'd hook me up with an Abs workout so I could better focus, and work my abs with purpose. I think she's trying to kill me...21 total sets?! Gah. I think I'll stick with 2 sets of what she gave me to start (so, 12 total), and will modify from there :)

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