Saturday, February 6, 2010

2010 Meet Plans

Ok it's a total blogFEST today, 3 blog entries in a row.  But well...gotta start somewhere ;)

So I'm trying to figure out what the rest of my competitions will look like this year.  I've tentatively outlined the schedule over there on the right side bar ...
  • Raw United Push/Pull (April 2010)
  • Miami Fitness Expo (USAPL - June 2010) -OR-
  • USAPL Raw National Championships (July 2010)
  • Raw United National Championships (November 2010)
Buuuuut, my heart really isn't into either of the June/July meets.  I'm thinking 5 a year might be excessive, anyway ;)  Ya think?  So my gut is telling me to drop the June/July dates, but my heart is like *whine* but then what do we do alllllll summmmerrrrrr? Six months between meets?! 

There's always a chance others could be scheduled, I guess.  I'll have to keep ruminating on this one.

For now, this weekend is full of REST.  No cardio, no nada, because next week, we get back to it.  Later tonight or sometime tomorrow I'll be coming up with some plans...

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