Saturday, February 13, 2010

Pass the torch, please!

A few days ago, I wrote about my day at the taping of the Dr. Oz Show, where the audience was comprised of 100 people who'd lost 100lbs or more.  I wrote about the 'theme' I noticed, where so many were blogging to share their experience, or had become a coach or a personal trainer or adopted a position that would, in some capacity, enable and inspire others to make the change they had.

A very good friend of mine, Tara, also has lost nearly 100lbs (seriously I'm splitting hairs...what the hell, she's lost 100lbs!) and became a personal trainer.  She's just recently branched out on her own and started taking clients, and she shared this the other day, and it just struck me as another brilliant example of this...

In this one client I saw how my impact could branch out and help many others.  And with her, when she arrives and inspires others, and those people arrive and inspire others. and so on.  What a TRULY AMAZING THING!  Truly!  Unbelievably magical. 

Magical indeed, a gift to keep passing :)  If you've got it - pass it on!

P.S.  Yesterday's deadlift workout update:  Ow ;)

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