Monday, February 8, 2010

The Big Return -Today's Workout (aka "Jello there, legs!")

First day back!  For squats I'm following a plan on a page (oh the irony! no no..time and place for everything...;) and for everything else I sort of went with it and kept it pretty nice and not too intense.  Need to add some more hammies in here, and I think I'm taking out Leg Presses and keeping the Hack Squat going forward, so there's some good room in there for hammie action.  Or I may just leave it as is and hammer hammies more on Friday with deads.  Exercises will swap in and out week to week anyway.  We'll see...still playing around.

So squats...I tried a slightly wider stance on my first set, as one of the first of probably many experiments with squats.  The wider stance felt awkward and unnatural, I think I managed with my first set (5 x 125) but with the next two I don't think I went quite as wide.

Set 1 - 5 x 125

The kicker is I think those look cleaner than the 135 and 145 sets, BUT - the problem does tend to increase/worsen the heavier the weight gets, so it's hard to say.  I need to try a more strict test and make sure I take the wider stance with each progressively heavier set.

135 x 5

145 x 10

I also changed my shoes from the flat ones to one that has some heal for the last set, but I don't think that made any difference whatsoever. Still, they're running shoes with too much cushion. Superbowl funds may go to new appropriate shoes :)

Jefferson squats - first try ever...uhhh...
I think it's best I leave this one alone, particularly since I can't reduce the weight :)
I left them alone after that (smart! hah!) and went and did the Hack Squat - something else I've never done :) 

Sooo...the rest of the workout:

Good Mornings:  2 x 12 @ bar
Hack Squats (Hammer):  3 x 12 @ 90
Leg Press (Inverted):  3 x 10 @ 110
Pull Throughs:  3 x 10 @ 90, 100, 110 (got 10, 10, 8)
Seated Rows (1-arm):  2 x 8/arm @ 45
Hip Adduction: 2 x 15 @ 125
DB Walking Lunges 1 x 24steps @ 25lbs
Standing Calves 2 x 12 @ 105 (toes in), 2 x 12 @ 105 (toes out)
DB Walking Lunges 1 x 24steps @ 25lbs
Cable Step-ups (Free Motion machine) :  1 x 25/leg @ 40lbs

No cardio (go me ;)

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