Sunday, February 7, 2010

Coming Together..

So I've been following, with I think pretty excellent success, a training program called 5-3-1.  I believe Myles and I both adopted this plan after my first meet, last March.  So coming up on one year, and my deadlift has gone from 240 to 303, squat from non-existent to 183, and bench...well ok I could use some help in bench...from 105 to 110 ;)  Hey everyone has an achilles ;) the plan is starting to come together.

I'll start back to 5-3-1 tomorrow, and I think this first cycle (2/8 - 3/7), the weeks will look like this:

Monday - Squats
Tuesday - 30 Cardio
Wednesday - Bench + 20 HIIT
Thursday - 30 Cardio
Friday - Deads
Saturday - UB + 30 Cardio
Sunday - Off

That's *a lot* less cardio than I normally do, but a) I hate it, and b) I should be able to maintain my weight without killing myself at this point.  I've struggled with easing off the cardio for a long time for great fear of gaining weight, but I feel like the past 2 months or so have taught me a lot and given me some basis for trusting myself, and my gut says this will be fine.  Sooooo....taking the plunge.  Besides, I can always add it back in :)

Training maxes are starting lower than where they were when I ended my 5-3-1 training for RUM.  I wasn't sure if that was ok or not, but one check with Myles revealed I was once again being obtuse ;)  So I've learned to trust myself in one area, but not all....Oh well, that's why we have sensible friends, yeah?  Anyway - the lower training maxes feel right, since just the thought of starting with the weight I was handling then makes me tired ;)  Trust....

Besides, with my first meet now looking like it's not going to be until JUNE....hell - when all goes well, I'll be adding 50lbs to that Tmax by then!  That should do just fine :)

On another, sort of related note...I won 1st quarter of Superbowl Squares at the office - woot!  I think I'm going to take that and make a sizeable contribution towards my new weightlifting shoes...cross your fingers I win 4th quarter - that's double the cash!

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