Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Already Tweaking

On a whirlwind trip (or not so whirlwind, if I get stuck in the storm) to NYC.  Supposed to bench tomorrow, but we know how hotel gyms are.  So I called around to a bunch of places within walking distance of my hotel..."sorry, we don't *do* day passes.  we're a private club."  Umm....wtf! ;)  I finally found one...ready?  $35 for the day?! That's my entire month at my gym! Soooo...tweaking the plans.

Today was 30 mins cardio + abs and a whole lotta stretching.
Tomorrow will be HIIT cardio and more stretching (no bench, unless of course the hotel gym surprises me ;).

Thursday depends on where I am.  Supposed to get home tomorrow night but the storm is supposed to continue late into Wednesday evening soooo...

We do what we can :)

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