Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What To Do...Something New?

I guess I'm in what could be most easily equivocated to a "taper." You know you could use the rest, you know it's the best time TO rest and will lead to better results come show time but...UGH it sucks to step it so far back after ramping it up for so long, I just don't know what to DO with myself!

Am I right?!

Well just say yes, please ;)

Sunday I went out for a run, which was a bit of a mistake simply given the ridiculous heat and humidity of the day (even at 6:30am). Monday I did a nice and easy lower body workout and a short stint on the elliptical. Today - 45 mins on my good friend, Mr. Elliptical. THAT is total sarcasm, in case you missed it.

I was planning on a light and easy chest/back w/o tomorrow but for some reason, today, my shoulders started to..well let's just say I'm *noticing* them. WTF is that? I haven't done jack shit to my shoulders since..oh well probably since my last bench day, a week ago. And today? TODAY they start giving me grief?!

Note to Misbehaving shoulders: NOT ALLOWED!

So I think in light of that, I'll just hold up that ole chest/back workout and maybe just go with abs + cardio and call it a winner. In fact, I MAY just not work the ole UB at all until warm-ups the day of the meet, if it needs to be that way.

Which it better not be ;)

Also of note...I've been completely inspired by a few of the folks in the twitter community over the past few days. The wheels are churnin' up in the head, you know that means trouble ;)

But the challenge by my new friend Al @sweating_it_off, a conversation with the lovely @cardioaddict, an entry about Fitting In written by @MizFitOnline really left a lasting impact on me, and the honesty and courageousness of one Ms SkinnyEmmie on her path to health and happiness...just true inspiration right there(that was a lot huh? go social networking, go! bringing it all together and plopping it right in my face right when I needed it most :) All of these moments have made me realize that I'm firmly entrenched in a PROCESS right now, and I need to think seriously about opening up a little more about my current path to health and happiness and invite help, support,and new insights and experience into my world. All that just to say - I need a new view, cuz mine ain't workin' for me.

A few conversations later (ahem Ms @fat2figure) and I've alllllmost convinced myself I'm ready to do this!

I know thus far I've been at best *vague* and at worst completely hidden a lot of the facts about that current path, but I think I may open up a new tag/chapter on this blog, and well - let's really get to talking about eating and behaviors and thoughts and...the truth. At least as it stands for me.

I'll start a little later tonight, after I get my tomorrow organized. It all starts with the first steps...gah.


  1. The truth. As least as it stands for you.
    You so owe this to yourself as a gift.
    Somewhere private
    I know making the time to do that for myself changed my life.

    Thanks for the shout out.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and shout out. I don't know what you have churning up in that mind of yours, but I look forward to seeing what it is. I hope your shoulders stop bothering you!

  3. Uh, huh... You're welcome! :) Again and again... I'm so proud of you!!!! Big, cyber, oober, squishy hugs. :)