Saturday, June 19, 2010

PL Meet Day 1 - The Warm-Up

What a crazy day today. I'm currently at my hotel winding down, mentally preparing for the day ahead of me tomorrow. But since I have this fabulous webtv interface thingie, I thought I'd use it to go through the day.

Got to the airport right on time this morning, I love PBI airport, it's so....quaint ;) No line for security, but of course my weight belt caused attention and my bag was pulled for search. The TSA guy was super cool though, I told him what it was and he just sort of lifted stuff out of the way to verify and put everything back nicely - not like the last time I had bras and underwear and everything all over the place for the world to see!

The flight over was super smooth and uneventful, and we landed 10 minutes early. In Tampa, I weighed literally LONGER to get my one checked bag (food bag w/gel pack and some other liquids) than it took to fly there! That was frustrating. The hotel shuttle picked me up, my room was ready - all of that was fabulous.

My room is actually a small apartment, it totally rocks - this place was a *steal* I took a brief nap, called and arranged for the shuttle to bring me to the venue...and voila! I was there!

Weight this morning when I left home was 138.6...three days in a row it held steady, I am quite sure that is a record. And that is also a different post, but I am pleased to say I weighed in at 1:30pm at 139.0 on the nose :)

My purpose in staying the afternoon was to watch Mr. Eric Talmant lift (promoter/meet director for the Raw Unity Meet) - rumoured to be going after the all-time raw world record in the 165's at 672lbs. Myles has been assisting Eric with his form plus he's just a super nice guy. I ran into Eric shortly after weighing in and we chatted briefly, I wished him well, and took my seat.

Interestingly, the second flight of this afternoon session had LITTLE KIDS lifting. All were 14 and under and some were just TINY! I commented about one litle girls lift outloud to the woman next to me, and we ended up chatting through the rest of the meet. Turns out, she's there to support Eric! Hah...anyway, her name was Jessica and she is NOT a PL'er but now she is strongly considering it. We had a lovely time, I explained a lot of things to her, she asked lots of questions...seemed genuinely interested in trying. Very cool.

Eric's 3rd attempt squat was nothing short of*amazing* at 500 pounds. He fought for that with everything he had and he earned it, it was awesome! I hope it will be up on youtube at some point soon, it truly was that incredible!

For deads, erik opened with 575 - easy! His second attempt he made the jump to 655, which I belieeve is a 5lb pr over his current record. It looked more like a 3rd attempt weight wise, but he nailed it! He decided against trying to take the record on his 3rd and went with 660 (miss). I congratulated him, exchanged contact info with Jessica (his friend), and had the shuttle pick me up :)

I had a lovely dinner of a big cheeseburger and some fries (and a side salad), and here we are...unwinding.

Tomorrow is my time, everything I got out on that's my time :)

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  1. Sounds like sn awesome day. The perfect prelude!