Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24 Subjectless :)

Soooo sleepy tonight! I just haven't posted since my meet recap, so I wanted to try to squeeze one in.

When I got back to work, I hit the ground running and have not stop. We have a big thing going on next week, I'll be flying out to Portland, Oregon on Monday and not back until late Thursday night. It's all coming together, but right now it's a real push and I've just been slammed morning, noon and night!

I emailed Dave and let him know I'm so ready to get started as soon as i get back from Portland. Actually I told him on Tuesday the 6th. What a great way to dive right into my 35th year of life, eh? :) I ordered my fractional plates and I'm super excited for their arrival tomorrow. Haven't heard back from Dave yet, I hope he's still willing to coach me.

I got back to the gym yesterday. Monday I just went out for a light walk, just really to get some movement and try to keep from getting overly stiff. Tuesday was a good brisk walk, and then yesterday I hit the elliptical again. Today I did a really light barbell workout and some more time on the elliptical. It felt good to get back at it in the gym :)

I was super proud of myself for my food intake over the weekend..pre-meet, during the meet, and after the meet. RC asked me how I thought I did and I proudly showed him my journal...says I still need a lot of work there. Not enough carbs, not the right carbs, etc...and all along I felt like I was just shoving them down. I was really upset about that at first, but I know it's a process...*process* Not gonna be perfect right out of the gates....I have an appointment with Christie on Saturday..good timing, I feel...antsy. Today I noticed I started cutting things OUT. I haven't logged food though since Friday :)

So that's that..easing back into the workouts and building back up to some volume and intensity...not sure how being away for a week will work into that but...I'll make it work. The hotel we're staying at has a decent sounding gym, it *says* they have free weights...we'll see I guess :)

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  1. I hope they have something heavier than 20 lb weights! Have a great trip.