Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's that time again...

Noodling the numbers, reviewing the training, consulting with folks...getting ready for this powerlifting meet! I am feeling a difference going into this meet, something I haven't felt before. I feel better about it than any meet I've done, maybe it's just a little boost in confidence that comes from a little more experience...who knows, but it feels good and I'm psyched and ready to go! Two weeks is NO time, but right now it feels like forever - I'm ready...bring it on!

So without further rambling...

Goal 1) Hit PR's on all lifts
Goal 2) PR my total, minimum of 617 to qualify for RUM 4 in January 2011

"The Plan" :)

Squat: 165, 185, 190 (current pr: 181)
Bench: 110, 115, 120 (current pr: 110)
Deads: 285, 305, 325 (current pr: 303)
------- ---------
total: 635 (current total: 594)

So the numbers are subject to change based on the feel of the prior lift...more so with deads than anything else since I don't have a lot of wiggle room (or _any_ hah!) with the 5lb differences in squat/bench.

For those of you interested enough to nerd out with me for a moment, here's the thinking...

First attempts: these set the tone for the other lifts, and particular the opening squat sets the tone for the entire meet. I need to be confident that I can make the lift completely clean and leave no doubt in the mind of the judges that I am competent in the lift, so if there's any question in a later lift, they theoretically should rule in my favor ;) I believe the general rule of thumb is that 1st attemts are ~85% of 3rd/max, but in the case of my bench that makes no sense for me.

2nd attempts: with this plan, all are PRs! Not by much, just a little but all should be totally doable based on the numbers I've put up in training, and hitting PRS here should build confidence going into 3rds :)

3rd attempts: This is what it's all about, each lift sets you up for the big 3rd lift! These numbers are all big PRs over my current but I am feeling REALLY confident in all of these numbers (even squats!). Like I said, no room for adjusting those 3rds on squat and bench unless I adjust it up, and while I wont say there's absolutely NO way that'll happen...ummm to say that's HIGHLY unlikely is an understatement ;)

On 3rd attempt deads, I have to keep both goals in mind - to increase the total and to PR on the lift itself. My deadlift at this point (for better or worse, hahah), is more than half of my total, so it's gotta be as high as it can be on the 3rd attempt, but I HAVE to make it or my Total goes to pot. I will really need to get a feel for that 305 and make the call on 325. If there's ANY doubt after 305, I've gotta remember I'm not locked into 325, I can drop it to 320 or even 315.

That said, the plan for 325 is what I'm going with, I KNOW in my heart right now I can lift that. So unless something major happens that day...

14 days, the countdown is ON!


  1. I have faith that you can do all of these things (and more). You had said in a prior post that you made a few minor tweaks in your diet - do you find that's helping with your lifts or haven't you had enough time to gauge that?

    Kick some ass, girl!!

  2. Definitely, I made the changes, in particular not dropping my calories on my days off and my lst week of training was stronger than ever.

    Plannin on some ass kickin :) Sending you a note right now too...